F3 2018 Awards Banquet. Jan 25th @ 7:30p

And the Award goes to…. well we shall see…

I don’t BLAST often, so you know when I do it’s something special, so hit the bathroom stall, pull over the car or shut the office door and read up:

If the rest of you are any thing like me, this F3 thing is a big part of who I’ve become over the past year-ish. To see this thing grow as big as it is today is quite Amazing. Quite honestly it’s grown bigger than I can keep up with. A lot of you guys I’ve never met or only see your name next to a Nino call out on slack.

I would say most all of our M’s have to listen to how great F3 is and question why we are middle aged men with nicknames, count funny and call cinderblocks- coupons .

Well the date is set to let these women see who the hell we wonder around parks in the dark with.

If you’ve never hung out with me outside of the gloom, you are truly missing out! So Join me and your fellow Pax for the best 2rdF event of the year. Friday, Jan 25th at 7:30p. We’ve got the sky bar at Saints for the night. $12/person will include some light apps and 2 drink tickets… and let’s face it, I’ll likely buy you a 3nd and 4st beer.

You’ve got enough time to call the sitter, convince the wife and reach out to the pax we all haven’t seen in a while or those who slack on slack and make sure we all get out and celebrate what this F3 thing is all about .

Word is There will be some awards given out. I figure it’ll go down something like this:

Best dressed is @Kilo and his neon – just because we want to make @Zoo jealous.

Nicest guy @ Grinder.

Biggest asshole: @ BackDraft

Coolest nickname: @Tony Malito

Fittest Pax: @CatFish until @Pope gets back

MVP @ McAfee

Best Photographer: @Chestnut -unanimous

Most Posts: @ Glen Ross – that guy is everywhere!

Rookie of the Year: @ Airplane

And the Coolest Pax award goes to… (hey @Drumroll hit me one time): @Buschhhh.

Acceptance speeches required. Wives encouraged and Uber’s recommended.

Hit the link below to pre-pay:


More details to come. Likely from someone else because I don’t do details…


Buschhhhh Out

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