Pre-Blast – VQ ALERT – County Black Ops – 11/10/2018

When Big Bird asked for a HIM to step up and take the Q on Saturday, I went back to my calendar to make sure I could post – because I’ve mooched off of other Qs long enough and it’s time for me to lead.  Fortunately, my calendar showed promise of an open Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, I didn’t check the weather forecast — my timing is impeccable — and it looks like we’ll be greeted with temperatures in the 20s on Saturday morning.

Come and join me on Saturday for some fun in the sun [cold?] at the County.  The weinke is still in process, but there will be a little dose of everything — should be 2.0 friendly [because you know Fun Dip wants in on the action, too].

My goal is to return the favor to everyone that has pushed and encouraged me along since joining F3Louisville.

In return, you’ll get better…and maybe a little something extra.

Jolly Rancher

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