BackBlast 11/9/2018 Pleasantville

Pax: Zima, Soccer Mom and Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: Cold (37) and Rainy

Showed up at Pleasantville 10 minutes early and Zima was already there.  Good to see him there and with the events last night and the expected weather, I had planned for lighter attendance.

5:29—still me and Zima and then Soccer Mom rolls up. 5:30 and we get started.  I know Zima’s a runner, and I’m not but trying to do more.  So I asked Soccer Mom if he can run—he said yes and I changed up the weinke to start with a brisk 1 ½ mile run through the streets of Norton Commons.  Stopped at one corner for 15 SSH and 15 merkins, then stopped on Meeting Street (each of us grabbing a spot on the brick wall) for quick round of incline ladders 10-thru 1.  All of this took about 15 minutes or so and we made our way back to the Amphitheater a/k/a the Beast.  When we got there we noticed another parked car—we all thought it was someone that got there a bit late, but as we got closer the driver was not here to meet up or workout, and drove off when he saw us—kind of weird.

Thang 1 and 2: Hanging around the Beast: Started with another ladder, this time V-ups (10-1) and then broad jump each step up the Beast and do 5 burpees at the top.  On the way down, stopping at each step for 5 merkins.

Next, short mosey around the lake, stopping at rocky edge for another round of incline ladders and dips (10-1).  Bear crawl back to the Amphitheater for Mary.  Raining harder now, we knocked out 15 American hammers, 15 Freddy Mercs, 15 Gas Pumps and 15 LBCs–but not enough rain for big boy waterboarding.   Finished with another round of ladders—this time Big Boys (again 10-1).  With five minutes left we did one more set of mary (American hammers, FredMercs, Gas Pumps and LBCs) and with 2 minutes left we broad jumped back up the steps, then knocked out another 5 burpees and finished right at 6:15

COT: Announcements—mentioned the Veteran Day Ruck this Sunday and the one next week on the 16th.  Also, as Huggies has mentioned, the Sunday ruck is to honor all Veterans and he specifically mentioned a fallen veteran David Wimberg, whose brother Michael a/k/a Pyle works out at the Mutt.  I have attached a link—it’s a great article and can tell you a whole lot more about David.   David was also best friends with Skid.  I also knew him from grade school and high school and he was just an all-around great guy.

Ended with silent intentions and prayer.  ABC

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