Buschhhhs Beer Briefs 1st Anal VHH Approved List:


As many of you continue to submit your VHH photos I wanted to enlighten you on what’s socially acceptable and what’s not. Nothing worse than bringing the Four Loko to a Heineken party.

First off let’s start by saying I’m a trained professional beer scrutinizer. Over the last 10years, the beer biz has taught me lots. Nothing more important than what I have learned in the last three weeks..!!!!

Bud Light and Rhinegiest cause corona virus.

Below you will see a snapshot of acceptable beers/breweries that unofficial official leadership committee of F40206 have carefully selected to help you better survive the current pandemic of toilet paper inventory.

Also Keep in mind general rules for selfies with beer…. try and wear a different shirt each day. We all know the underwear is likely the same, but I’m sure the M would appreciate a wardrobe change. No one really cares that you are at your computer. We get it, you’re “working from home”… Looking up old high school girls on Facebook and searching amazon for needless camping or ruck items is “working”….but we don’t need the laptop in the pic. Grills and what’s for dinner are acceptable. Fire pits acceptable. M’s in background or hell even her sexy ass posing with the drink selection are encouraged….Kids… eh leave them out of your three week drunken haze.

As for the actual beer selection… if it’s not on the list below, you should be ashamed. If you try to hide it with a coozie, refer to above about me being an expert… I’ll know.

Can’t go wrong with a Miller Lite.. “Craft is cool” but Miller Lite keeps my lights on.. unless I was on Old Bays Block and then I would just be screwed worse than a victim of a house fire when Back Draft is on duty.

Craft and Imports are always tastey and show you have put a little thought into the selection… Don’t be ashamed of the occasional White Claw or Truly post. Those are like the unpopular girls in grade school, that in 10 years are bombshells.. pay them the respect they deserve now, not because someone told you they weren’t cool. Both the white claw and the old bombshell taste good, just ask your Alexa…. eh Tureen?!

For those not drinking beer; spirits are acceptable. Extra points for cocktails with umbrellas but let’s leave the red wine to the dinner table not Happy Hour. And if you are taking a selfie with red wine, make sure you are wearing an ascot with Captain Insane-Os signature hat.

I know general areas will have their respective drinks of choice.. ie: The East end crew is Blue Moon and Boston Lagers with the occasion Costco variety pack. The JTown Crew I’m thinking more Old Mill and Miller High Life 24oz cans. The Mutt is on any IPA and Coors Lights. Posh boys are likely Heinekens and Pilsner Urquells. All acceptable and no judgement here!

So as we continue the Vegas mentality (Don’t know what day it is, what time it is but I can crack a beer at anytime)… I’ll try and post a couple suggestions or flavors to look for when braving the public grocery or liquor store.

Just keep in mind the beer selection and the selfie are not judged, just critiqued… severely.

Acceptable List:


Coors Light, Miller Lite, PBR, Miller High Life, Coors Original, Hamms, Strohs, Old Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s Best, Old English, Icehouse, Lone Star, Keystone, Mickeys


Amstel Light, Bohemia, Carta Blanca, Corona Family, Dos XX family, Guinness, Smithwicks, Harp, Heineken Family, Modelo, LaBatt, Moretti, Moosehead, Molson, New Castle, Pacifico, Palm, Paulaner, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Red Stripe, Rodenbach, Sapporo, Sol, St Bernardus, Tecate, Tiger, Tsingtao, Victoria, Warsteiner

Local Craft Breweries:

Against the Grain, Braxton, Fly Wheel, Goodwood, Great Flood, Holsopple, Lexington Brewing -Kentucky Ale, NABC, Sun King, Upland, West Sixth, Fifty West

National Craft Breweries:

Ballast Point, Blue Moon, Lazy Magnolia, Leinenkugel, Magic Hat, New Belgium, Sam Adams, shiner bock, Sierra Nevada, southern Tier, SweetWater, Terrapin, Victory, Yuengling, St Archer, Killians.


Angry Orchard, Crispin, Magners, Smith & Forge, Strongbow, Woodchuck

Flavored Malt Beverages and Sparkly Shiz:

Arnold Palmer Spiked, John Daly Spiked, Twisted Tea, PBR Hard Coffee, Bravazzi, Not Your Fathers Root Beer, Henry’s, Mikes Hard Family, Boone’s Farm, Palm Breeze, Redds Apple Family, Smirnoff Family, Cape Line, Crook and Marker, Truly, Four Loko, Cayman Jack, Steel Reserve, and White Claw

Buschhhh Out

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