Back Blast 2.23.19 The Nest @ The County with Buschhhh

So about a year ago I’m at HDHH with @Airplane who may be the best HL in F3 Louisville. Well I mistakenly made what I thought was a Loose commit that my next Q would be at my old stomping grounds, The County. As most of you know, I rarely Q. He threatened to go back to drinking Crud Light which is enough motivation for me to do just about anything. @Zartan had a Saturday date that was somewhat special to me, so We pulled a switch-a-roo-Q and here I stand. After a no-show @ Le Mutt for @Zima Q a few days ago, I was a little worried. Most my Mutt boys are working on their bird call at HT (Chirp Chirp). Some others were outta town, it was raining, it’s outside the shock collar coverage, so didn’t expect any of my normal crew. Nonetheless great opportunity to meet some East End St Als pax! And true to form I had the support.

I lead the guys in a few warm up exercises. The usu! Grass grabbers, downward dog, Kendra Newman’s etc.

Then we were off. I took the pax on a tour of pewee valley to meet some of my family. First stop, my grandfathers bench in the pewee park. Here we did 80 AMRAP merkins/plankjacks to honor his age when he passed. Next was my nephews tree. He passed last year a short 1.5hours into his life. Thus I took the pax on a 1.5mile Indian run. Here is where my terrible Q skills kicked in. The group lost two pax! Sorry @Rocky @Le Pew. They rest of us moseyed to the house I grew up in. A little catch me if you can up the hill while partner 2 did some t-merkins. We did 27 LBCs for the years my family owned the house. Here we made the decision to go find the two lost pax. So we scrapped the Q and moseyed up Old Floydsburg hill with a left down Mt Mercy. @Abacus @Crockpot @Amelia sprinkled in some Merkins along the way. Next stop was my Grandparents from Boston, the Kennedys! Two trees outside of town-hall to commemorate their lives. We hustled back to school to find our missing Pax doing some coupon work. Met under portico for some Mary and breakdancing. By the way Big Boyos are dumb! Meter maid clocked us a 3.3 miles for the day. At that point @Abacus had put in 67 miles in a 12 hour window.

I chose this day because it was 12 years ago to the day that I was in a bad car reck. Luckily alive and escaped with just a sweet rod in my leg! My message to the group was with family and good friends around we can get through the toughest times. If you guys haven’t had the pleasure to meet Rocky! Do yourselves a favor! Dude is incredible! Hell of a story! If that guy is getting out in the rain on a Saturday morning to come support me, we can all shake the aches and pains off to support our other guys! Let’s make sure we don’t have a “muttsack” or any pax out there by themselves again!

Side note, if you’ve never heard Le Pew’s hunting stories, ask him to tell you. Or any story for that matter! He’s hilarious!

Thanks to the County for hosting!

until next Q, which would typically be 6-8 months, but look at me overachieving with March 16th!

Buschhhhh out.

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