BB- St Practice Day. 3.16.19 Buschhhh @ o’MUTTigans.

Pax (24): Wham, Wham-O, Tiger, Quimby on the two peddle, Soft Top, CatFish, Fergie, Duece, Fridge, Yogi, Airplane, Tureen, McAfee, Geppetto, Windshield, Pepperoni, Zima, Corn Bread, Zoo, Porkchop, late arrivals by Stinger and Loco, 2 FNGs – Miracle Grow and Mookie.

Arrived to a nice surprise from Catfish. My boy greg was a virgin to F3. He also had another old friend of mine that led to some naming confusion later in the morning… nonetheless both HIMs going to fit right in.

We Started with a short mosey to some warm up stuff. The Usu… 17-SSH, 17- Grass Grabber, 17-Plank Jacks…

Then we were off and we were against the clock.

Thang 1- Catch me if You can. P1- 17 Merkins. P2- run away… you know the jist.

Thang 2 – sprint to next stop sign 17 Boyos

Thang 3 – sprint to next stop sign 17 Bobby Hurleys

Thang 4 – catch me if you can – 17 plank jacks.

Thang 5 – Indian Run led by Quimby on the bike.

At this point the Crew knew we were headed for some 2rdF beatdown. Arrive @ 7:27 at St Molly Malones to be met with Vincent and his Crew from the O. In true tradition Brendan had us some Guinness Pints waiting. It was a good 20 mins of some hardcore 2rdF and then a strong mosey back to respective AOs with some merkins sprinkled in.

All Pax Stopped at Leland for O’Billy Run led by our two peddler! In hindsight this was a bad idea after chugging down a Guinness.

COP for some star course info and some FNG naming. Which seemingly naming Mollie was the hardest this we did all morning. Welcome Miracle Grow as well!

Q’s are few and far between for me, but always like throwing curves when I am able. Maybe a little expected, but nonetheless we got all 3 Fs in. I hope everyone had a great St Pats weekend! Until next year!

Buschhhh out

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