BackBlast – the Ruiner St. Patrick’s day field trip – Vincent

I had my Wienke all planned out.  Still dealing with some injury issues, the plan was for minimal running but plenty of activity.  Then Buschhhhh  hits me up on Mumblechatter and reminded me of our field trip last year for some Guiness to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and 2nd F in the middle of a work out.  Screw the pain, we can make it from Seneca to Molly’s.  Looks like a tradition has been planted.

Buschhhhh pulled in the big #’s but 5 PAX showed at the Ruiner for the event.  Nuggett, CI, Gillespie, Tammy Faye Baker, Kelso and YHC – Vincent Q.

Weather, a clear, crisp spring 32% morning.  Gearlander, Asics tights, Asics base layer and a green Jameson Irish Wiskey T-shirt.

We moseyed to Christian Academy for COP warmup – basic stuff.   SSH’s, Downward Dog – calf stretch and runners stretch static lunges and single leg dead lifts.   From there we started our trek to Molly’s making 5 separate stops.

17 – Bobby Hurleys

17 – Skull Crushers – Single count

17 – Imperial Squat Walkers – IC

17 – Merkins – IC

17 – BOYOs

We arrived at Molly’s at 7:27 and within a minute, Buschhhhh and his band of thirsty PAX ran into sight.   We mingled and drank for about 15 minutes, then headed out for what was an easy mosey back to the flag.   It was a beautiful morning for a mosey and I’m glad we met the PAX for some 2nd F.   I closed us out with announcements and intentions.  T-claps for all who posted Saturday morning and did the Ruck Saturday night.  Strong group of HIMs.   Until next time – SYITG.  Vincent.

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