BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?

YHC decided to leave today’s WO up to fate. A game of chance determined by strength, force, gravity and the SkyQ. The Pax of 15 were up for some fun.

Methane -Q



Grave Digger


Uncle Rico




Pew Pew


Tool Time

Iceman (R)

Jitterbug (R)



Group moseyed over to the egg lawn to get warmed up. Q started at 1 and had everyone count off and remember their #. There were 15 Pax.


Arm Circles – Forward and Reverse

15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Imperial Walkers


YHC showed the group the game of chance they were about to play. Each person would flip a coin and HEADS was one exercise or TAILS was another exercise:

Q was prepared. Planned out exercises, laminated, coin to fli……OK, the Q didn’t have a coin so he improvised-with a 35 lb. plate.



Each Pax did 5 kettle bell swings and then let it go. In between exercises the group would be doing SSHs. Everyone flipped the coin twice totaling 30 exercises and to be honest I cannot remember them all. There were a lot of Heads though.


Moseyed back to the flags where BobRoss announced the opening game for the F3City United is tonight at King Louie’s at 11pm. Hurry, there are still spots open on the team.

YHC thanked all these HIMs for making a difference in my life and others. Shout out to Flounder, Jitterbug and Piggy for keeping it coming.

Methane out!

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