Backblast Veterans Park 4/11/18 #100


Let me start off by saying if you ever have the need to Google search an image of Pat-a-Cake, and I’m sure you will, don’t type in Patty Cake into your work computer browser.  Ok fine, do whatever, I’ll wait…

Now back to the business at hand.  Today was my 100th post.  I mentioned it my pre-blast, but I’ll be redundant and say a year ago I would have never imagined I’d have become as dedicated to this F3 thing as I have.  Prior to July 2017 I had no motivation to exercise, and so I didn’t. I was at an all time high in weight and can only imagine what my BMI was back then.  Sad Clown fo sho.  Now if I only post three days in a week I feel like I’m slacking.  I’m honestly not trying to self gloss here, au contraire, I give all credit and owe all thanks to you Pax.  You HIMs give me the motivation I never had before.  Not to mention an excuse to hang out with some pretty good dudes outside of working out too. Alright bring it in…Group hug!

Alright so here’s what you really came here for:

Pax: (8) Geppetto (Q), Vincent (R), Meatball, Ratchet, Snowday, Sunshine, Aerobie, Dodododo

Zoo Gear: Winter shit…really getting tired of wearing this.  I was hoping to get to show off my tan today.

Mosey from the dark parking lot up to the big well lit parking lot, high knees, butt kicking, and stadium climbing along the way.


Kendra Newmans

Abe Vigodas IC x15

Downward dog/Cobra stretch

Imperial Walkers IC x20

SSH IC x 100!! (real crowd pleaser, backfired on YHC as I forgot I had to count it)

Thang 1-Patty cake Merkin Mile

One lap around the parking lot is approx. 1/6 of a mile.  So we’d do 6 laps.  Split into two groups of four.  Group 1 ran clockwise, group 2 counter.  When someone from group 1 met a group 2 pax at the half lap point, they’d drop and do 8 patty cake merkins each time.  So with 6 laps and 12 meeting points along the way, we totaled 1 mile and 100 patty cakes.  Smoke was seen coming from the shoulders of all.

Thang 2-Coupon Circuit

Veterans is still a work in progress as an AO, both literally and figuratively.  So I was able to borrow some coupons from the Mutt.  Grabbed 8 thinking we could work in stations if needed, but the F3 gods were smiling on us.  8 pax, 8 coupons.  Lets do some work.

Coupon curls x 25

Coupon press x 25

Coupon squats x 25

Ran through this sequence 4 times for you guessed it, 100 reps of each.  Time was 6:13, just enough to load up the coupons and mosey back to the flag.

Told the pax what I said in my intro and thanked them for allowing me to Q today on my 100th post.  Looking forward to doing it again in about six months for my 200!

Geppetto out!

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