4/10 BoW BackBlast

Pax: 14 GlenRoss (Q), Abacus, Fall Guy (RR), Diablo, Plethora, Nugget, Scratch, OJ, Double Down (R), Goodman, Little Jerry (R), Peach, Butcher, Wham!

Conditions: Cloudy, 40; feels like 38 (sadly it was warmer last time I Q’d in January at the O)

Tanks: 0

I signed up to Q the BoW over three weeks  ago with three things in mind.

1) Being April 10, this God aweful winter will be over

2) I was posting down at another AO on spring break and was excited to bring back some new exercises to the Pax

3) There is also a cheap discount beach wear store that sells $5 Tanks, so I was going to grab a few and bring it out today.

Unfortunately, the weather is sill aweful, I fartsacked twice and the only time I went out was for a mistaken workout that was actually a one and half hour ruck training/ beatdown.   Shoulder was sore so skipped the other 2 days to go rucking with my M on the beach.  Lastly, the beach house was ravaged by stomach bug so we got the hell out of there 1 day early and forgot to get my $5 tanks.

So instead of doing something different I did a lot of the same things from my W/O 2 weeks ago at The Rooster.

Disclaimer was given and we moseyed for quick warm up at the tennis courts.

10 SSH (IC)/ 10 Imperial Walker (IC) 5 BOYOs and off for a quick Prisoner Indian Run through the neighborhood

First stop- 5 BOYOs, continue with Prisoner Indian Run, next stop 10 Prioner Jump Squats- we did this at 2 more stops until we re-entered the park.  Total run was 1/2 mile, but the Prisoner run is a heck a workout- thanks Old Bay

Next everyone grab a spot on the walls over by the restrooms.  One of favorite spots about the O and I always work something in over here.  Quick stop for some Barbara Walters: Dips/ Derkins

Partner up for coupon work.  Partner 1 starts with Curls, Partner 2 runs to cone/ light for 10 squats.  Repeat until the group gets to 200.  After we finished Curls, we switched to back presses.  Same thing- but switched to 10 Lunges.  Stop at 200 presses.

We did another set of each- lowered curls and presses to 150 and then one more of the curls up to 100.  10 minutes left we put up the coupons for some Mary

Found a nice, grassy area near volleyball court- also known as dog shit field.  It didn’t matter, my ass is tired of doing Mary on the concrete.  Did the following:

20 LBCs (IC), 20 Gas Pumps (IC), 20 American Hammers (IC) 20 Fred Mercs (IC).  Repeated this for one more full set.

still had 3 minutes left so we did another set but cut it to 15 (IC).  Got all of them in except for Fred Mercs.

Finished w/o and back to the Flag.

Lots of intentions today- all of which are also on Slack.  But worth mentioning is VQ week next week.  Good to hear the O is filled up for both days- let’s make sure we have big numbers all next week to support these guys.

Intentions: moment of silence for all intentions.

And ended with prayer for all the HIMs today.  As men we all struggle and carry a lot of stress, anxiety and tremendous pressure.  I wasn’t feeling it all yesterday or this morning.  Saw a tweet from The O earlier this morning and it got me pumped up to be with you guys today.  Thank you for letting me lead.  I needed it today



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