The Carpenter Backblast 4/10/18

Disclaimer- I am not a politician however I play one at F3. I failed to share these details this morning to many new PAX I have yet to get to know…..that’s on me.  Several this morning probably wondered WTF is wrong with this dude ( I get this a lot) and why does he think he’s Trump?  All good questions…..stick w/ me….to be answered later in B.B.

PAX- 12 (1FNG)  flojo, shiplap,Gillespie,pope, red roof, nickelback, Zoolander(Mutt representin) star child (I see u Poshlands) captain Insano, scuba Steve, holiday Inn and FNG- Ozone….welcome Dustin Coffman!

At 5:30am I said my disclaimer and warned I may lie, steal and cheat this morning.  It be how Trump do how he do…..I said we would just do some jumping jacks and a little 1mile jog…(LIE!)


15-20 of each….my halt button was all screwed up this AM

windmills, imperial walkers, mtn climbers, plank mogels (it gets the people goin!), reverse plank leg raises (always a Trump Fav) and Kendra Newman’s for all while I explained the upcoming Army Physical Fitness Test or APFT.  Check out the to review your fitness level.  Score of 100 means your an ultra HIM.  Score of 60 means your an Avg HIM.  If u had attended u would know more….just sayin.

We left the warmup in Indian Run formation.  We would be in this formation a lot… almost 2miles.

Thang 1-6

  1.  Stopped for 1min of Al Gore’s…another Trump fav.  Added some arm raises just for fun while in Al Gore position. I like Fun!  Indian Run….
  2. Merkin TEST – all got in merkin position to see how many they could do, in good form, in one min. Of course CI and Pope did like 1,000.  Trump was proud of all pax….group hug. U pass!  Indian run…
  3. Big Boy Sit Up TEST – find a partner to hold your feet. Do as many as possible for 1min. Switcheroo and partner does same for one min. We had a moment there at the corner of Trevilian and Newburg….while brief it was touching. Many lies were told of how many each pax did….proud Trump moment as I shed a small tear….stickers for all. Indian Run….
  4. Trump Merkins with partner clap. Oh the fun we were having now. This was a STEAL moment from my boy Zoo. He used it many months ago before I could….I don’t like to share but with Zoo…no problem. Line up across from your partner and do a merkin, look them in the eye and slap hands. Trump had no partner so had a cozy 3 way with Zoo and CI.  We did 20 and we were finally getting warmed up. Trump announced it was all down hill from here….LIES!!  JC has many hills and we had made our way to the bottom. Indian Run….
  5. Woof!!!  That hill was no joke. Pax got a bit disjointed but a few HIMs helped the 6 get all back together for…..Speed Rope for 1minute. Trump shared the origin of his snazzy homemade tank top in honor of TTTuesday. Circa 2017 Jr Achievement Bowl a Thon Red tee.  Finished 3rd.  Personal trim job on sleeves by Stormy.  Indian Run….this park is big.
  6. Al Gore’s…again. I know I said we were done with these. More lies but u r used to it by now. One min of Al Gores with some arm raises and a couple hops for extra burn. Stopped, shook legs and then another 30 seconds of pain. Indian Run….did I mention Scuba Steve is freaky fast?  Wow
  7. Stop about 200-300 yds from flag. Did Final AYG back to flag. Trump set the start and  CHEATED just a bit to get the lead. No chance as I was swallowed up by pope, CI and a few others.
  8. Finished with a little Mary….LBC’s, gas pumps and American hammers.


A few announcements about the upcoming  Convergeance and some intentions as we gathered closely.  I took us out with a prayer to just keep being the best you can be, keep showing up and asked for support for all from the sky Q.  All pax passed the TEST today.  Not a shocker because you passed by showing up.  Proud to be a part of this group….That’s the real Trump.

Trump out





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