R&R Backblast at Posh

This is hands down the easiest read in the history of backblasts. We rinsed. We repeated. As easy as it is to read, it was doubly hard for the PAX.

PAX: 16! PK, Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Swifty, Force Close, Tool ✊️🍆😜Time, Methane, Dynomite!, Glaucoma, Bobross, Ice Man, Dunphy, Dutch Oven, Nugget, Mr. 🎩, and ⭐️👶.


5 Burpees IC

5 Copperhead Merkins IC

5 copperhead Squats IC

5 WW2 Sit Ups IC

Mosey around the parking lot with a little butt kicks along the way.

The Thang: 👆. All that but more. 10 of each, then 15, then 20, then 15 (replaced burpees with groiners), then 10, then 5 (with burpees)

A little Mary at the end and we were done.

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