BB- The Fog 10/17/20 – Meter Maid Q

Going into GrowRuck, I really wasn’t sure how my body would feel so I held off any near term Qs. When I saw the opportunity to Q the Fog, I jumped on it. It was hard to believe that less than a week ago, I worked with 99 other HIMs to complete a 15+ hour event including Stick Up, who came to my Q.

The night before, I had seen Cousin Eddie posted that he wanted to complete a preFog 5k, so I decided to join in the fun. I came into the Parklands about 615am to give myself the chance to stretch before our run. Right at 625am, Cousin Eddie arrived and went out. He didn’t have a route planned so I improvised ensuring I would be back in time. In talking to him, he has been running to and from Vets on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the weekends, he has been riding an outdoor bike about 50 miles per week. No wonder his VO2 max is so strong. From talking of him, this was his first Saturday workout. He also mentioned posting in Florida with Dauber and Bunghole. Somehow he must have forgotten his 50 brother in laws.

As we rolled in from the run, I saw a lot of vehicles. I wasn’t sure how many would be there and I also had the competing women’s group as well.

Here is everyone who was there for workout: Jitterbug (R) [If you haven’t been to Dare to Care, make sure to reach out to him. He changed right after the workout to get there.], Drysdale, Endo [He was strong today and also participated in Dare to Care.], Cousin Eddie, Pit Stop, Stick Up, Leno, Ladybird (R) with Emma aka Beggin’ Strips [I think she has posted at nearly every AO and is a strong runner. If you have a dog, you wish yours was trained as well as his.], Meter Maid (Q). In case you were wondering, Airplane was not at my Q.

I had promised a run and cover heavy workout. After the disclaimer, we moseyed around the island to the Gheen’s Lodge for COP. We did SSH IC, Toy Soldiers (A County Standard), Grassgrabbers IC (twice because an SUV came through and I had to pause), and Quad Stretches.

Then, we did 3 wall sits for 1 minute each with 20 seconds rest in between. Next, we moseyed to the Egg Lawn for the main thang.

In honor of GrowRuck, we would leave no behind and leave no man where we found them. The Egg Lawn is 0.7 miles so for the first lap, you did 10 big boy sit ups every 0.1 miles , which were marked. When you completed the lap, you went to pick up the six and compete together. For those faster runners, it meant more distance. Endo and Stick Up kept it towards the front. Stick Up said he wasn’t a runner but by today’s performance, I disagree.

For the second lap, we did 10 4-flutter kicks every 0.1 miles. The the third lap, we did a 20 second plank every 0.1 miles.

At this point we headed to the bridge where we saw 6 black ops runners, who started at North Posh. We did 10 merkins one end and on the other end did 10 squats. We did this twice before we headed for the PWC pavilion for the close out.

I went to my car to get my Bluetooth speaker for tabata. As it turns out, Back in Black is a perfect song for step ups for 8 rounds with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Since Pelican is a strict tabata(ist), he would have approved.

With the remaining 3 minutes, we did some runner’s stretches, quad stretches, and pigeon poses. All in all, my watch showed 3.9 miles.

We did COR, NOR and announcements. Stick Up has the Q at South Posh on Monday. Look for Dare to Care volunteer opportunities. It looks like the next one will be November 13. I mentioned the Smile Project Louisville. It is an organization that aims to bring smiles to others. Be the reason someone smiles today! We ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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