BB – The Extender at The Mutt – Sump Pump Q – 10/15/20

PAX: Frosty, Wham-O (R), Tiger, Fridge, Larry Flint, Soft Top, Cowbell, Motor Boat, Deuce, OJ, Zima, Snowman, Sump Pump (QIC)

The theme was to keep it simple. Quick disclaimer and we were off.

After 5 minutes of warm-ups, we grabbed coupons and headed to the dreaded grass fields. The weather the night before was perfect which allowed for show to remain dry.

THANG 1: PT TEST – The PAX performed 11 rounds of the following in 21 minutes, 10 coupon thrusters and run to the other end of the field and perform 10 burpees. Rinse and repeat until time was called. 5 completed and 8 did not. We performed 8 manmakers for those did not finish and then rewarded the HIM with 5 more for those that did.

THANG 2: Merkin Waterfall. Starting at 8 and we worked our way down to 1 merkin and held the last one until all PAX completed.

5 minutes left for some Mary so we called on several PAX to call out an exercise.

We finished with COT and prayed to the Sky Q giving thanks and asking for guidance.

Sump Pump

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