METHANE VS. NUGGET B.B. for The Temple of Gloom 07/26/2018

The moment of truth. Put up or shut up. In the 5 days leading up to one of the greatest matchups in F3 history, everyone has been on the edge of their seat. Trash talking is done, memes forgotten, and billboards have been taken down. All that was left was the WO. Q v. Q! Posh v. O! Methane v. Nugget! The O was packed with 18 HIMs ready to be part of history.

Methane strolls in at 5:20am, mom’s spaghetti on his UK blue F3 shirt. Nervous chatter with the pax waiting for Nugget’s grand entry. He just knew it would be glorious.

5:25, oh, that Nugget, what a showman. Building it up. Dang it, let’s just get it over already.

5:28, do I have time to pee? NO, show no weakness! I bet Nugget is getting some last minute advice from Kilo!

5:29, OJ is keeping things on track and gives me the 1 minute call. Where is Nugget going to pop out of? His mental game is strong!!

5:30, gave a poorly executed disclaimer and we head to the coupon field. Oh, that’s it. He’s going to surprise me there…..

5:31, nope, he fartsacked. Let’s go.




Star Child

Vincent (R)

Gravy (FNG & R)


Hot Wheels


Captain Insane-o


Scuba Steve

Flo Jo




Glass Joe

Methane – Co-Q

Nugget – Spiritual Q


5 boyos


Mountain climbers

Cherry pickers

Abe Vigotas

5 boyos


Methane’s Thang:

2 exercises for each round. Do 20 of each exercise and switch. Do this for 3 1/2 min. Then go to next round.

Round 1

Step Ups & Dips. X. 20

Round 2

Merkins & American Hmmrs x 20

Round 3

Box Jumps & Donkey Kicks. X 20

Round 4

Ski Abs & Carolina Dry Docks x 20

Spirit Nugget’s Thang:

4 groups

4 stations

Group 1 LBCs (AMRAP)

Group 2 Bobby hurleys (AMRAP)

Group 3 Mountain Climbers (AMRAP)

Group 4 Five Burpees and then AYG from station 4 to 1 (length of coupon field) everyone moves up a station and continue. We went through these twice.


Circled up for some name your own Mary. We got through about 12 exercises and time was up


Scott Hawkins (Gravy) was our FNG who joined us today from Versailles, KY. Thank you to Biscuit who brought him and is a HIM with our FLexington group.

McAfee updated us on the convergence this weekend to support Pope and the American Heart Association.

Star Child….talked….about…..his long legs and very athletic body………..wait what did he say?!? Sorry, I blacked out for a minute. Did I land the plane safely?!? Anyway, check mumble-chatter for his announcement about the ruck on August 11th.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Hat on the birth of Lil’ Bonnet (yeah, I named her)

Also, I do want to give Nugget some props. I know he fartsacked today and I also know he is going to beat himself up about this more than anyone. Nugget helped me out and supported me a lot when I first started F3. He is a true HIM and would do anything for anybody. So I will go ahead and Speak for him when I say…………………………………………………………………..REMATCH!!!

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