ToG backblast: it was like a Dream

Maybe someone snuck some Ambien in my iced tea?

Was it Methane? Or maybe he had an accomplice.

Somebody has to take the blame for all this build up and it ending up a forfeit.

That’s true. I do. I fartsacked. Apparently at the next slack chat I’ll get some tips on setting an alarm.

I had already written the backblast in my head and it would be a disservice to the Pax (all Pax eye roll) not to publish something after this mornings debacle.

YHC woke to light this morning and knew I did the unthinkable. The phone rang a minute later and it was CI checking on me to make sure I was alive. Yes, I was and completely devastated. I made the concession call to the champion, Methane and went on my way.

But in reality what I wanted to do with this backblast is thank Methane. Every single one of these HIMs are incredible people, but I have always looked forward to seeing Methane at posts and HDHH, basically anywhere F3 occurs.

Since I started, I have met a lot of people. Hundreds in fact, but those first few coffeeteria, I seemed to talk to him the most. Funny thing, that’s what really keeps me going. Those 2 minutes before the WO and the few minutes after, I always seek him out. And if have never worked out next to him, you need to. Best mumble chatter in the biz.

I can honestly say that one, if not all, of the statements he made in his backblast are true. I look at him as a brother. We started a few days apart and I have been looking up at him ever since.

So what I was hoping to do at COT was say this: Thank You, Methane. I can honestly say that you are a huge reason that I have the motivation to keep coming out. (when I set my alarm)

PS Seabass and I just did the WO. Methane, you would’ve won.

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