7/26 Extender Dueling Qs GR and Zoo

Pax: Escort, Tureen, Waterboy, Sumppump, Huggies (VP), Buschhhhh, Snowman, Miyagi, Mouth, Backdraft, Old Bay, WhamO, Glen Ross Q, Zoo Q

Conditions:  Hot and humid

I noticed 2 weeks ago that Methane and Nugget had set up dueling Qs at the O/ Temple of Gloom for today. I thought it would be fun to give the Pax dueling Q options for today and reached out to Zoo to see if he was interested. I think It was 2 Saturday’s ago, probably around 10pm—and asked if he was in. Probably on his 3rd or 4th gin and tonic, he quickly responded with “absolutely”

Zoo and I worked out a ton in winter and spring and I enjoyed getting to know him much better. However, a back injury has had him on the DL most of the summer. With him gone this summer there were Zoo sightings and rumors all over the Mutt. Did he renew his Orangetheory membership? Was he really playing golf in the Hamptons with billionaire hedge fund managers and trying to secure an NBA team to Louisville? Did he really accept a leadership role with B3? And probably the worst one—did he really get the Mutt bathrooms closed? But even with him out most of the summer, challenging Zoo to dueling Q’s at the Extender is kind of like the Mets playing the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

Zoo and I knew there are some rules for the dueling Q’s but the main one is to put a beatdown on the Pax. And we also wanted to make it fun.  Some of the other rules we would modify. So last night I checked in with Zoo and honestly we were a bit concerned.

All week, Methane and Nugget exchanged messages on slack about who had the bigger weinke, who’s 2.0 loved him the most and which AO had the softest pax. But like the hype for a Mike Tyson fight, Zoo and I knew the Pax would be sadly disappointed after 60 seconds. We even had an idea to have some uber drivers at the O, that could shuttle the disappointed Pax from the O over to the Mutt for the real workout. Ultimately, we decided to let them have their 45 minute pillow fight and got started with our workout.

No COP—just a mosey around the school to get moving. I went first with a VDORA. I stole this one from Vincent, hence the name Vdora.  Not sure when and where he came up with this but it sucked when we did it last month at the O. Partner 1 does burpee broad jumps for 10 yards, then runs for another 30 yards and then runs back to partner 2.

Partner 2 was doing 200 lunges—continue to relieve partner until group hits 200. Once group hits 200, continue with but now sub in 200 gas pumps. This took exactly 10 minute and then I tossed it over to Zoo

I came up with the next idea after doing the Board of Pain last week with Digiorno. While nobody got to the nippler, somebody asked him what it was, which he then demonstrated. Ok, I can figure out a way to use that and so we circled up in the prayer garden for 10 minutes of nipple work. We started with a nipple time bomb, yes, same as merkin time bomb, just doing nipplers instead. This one left the pax soaking wet, but asking for more.

So next we did diplers. This is a modified dip, while also doing a nippler. And finally, with 2 minutes left, I rolled out Zipplers. This is similar to Stuart Scott/ Boo-yah. With partner, line up face to face (as close as possible and looking directly into your partners eyes) and instead of doing the hand bump, yes you guessed it, it’s a partner nippler instead.

Next it was back over to Zoo and then we circled up for COT:

Announcements: Convergence this Saturday, Black Ops/ Ruck Training tomorrow

Intentions: Zoo’s niece, Tiger’s mother, Pope, Abacus and his M, and Old Bay reminding the pax to be kind and appreciate of what we have

Prayer: Ended with prayer from Zoo


Enjoyed q’ing/ dueling with Zoo. He’s one of the Godfathers at the Mutt and it was good to see him back!


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