7.26.18 @f3themutt @fpk4 B.B. CO-Q with GlennRoss #Extender

“The rumors of my F3 death have been greatly exaggerated.”

-Zoo 7/26/18.

Mark Twain may have stolen my line at some point. Not sure.

I’ve heard the rumors. Some are true. Some aren’t. Yeah, I got recruited to B3. What about it? They were looking to up their inseam game, and I was intrigued. I even got 50% off. But…..in the end – they were helpless. They love their jorts and cargos. I couldn’t handle. I never went to Orange Theory. Can’t afford it. I could only handle B3 because of the discount. Yes- I did travel to the Hamptons to check out some future AO’s…but No to the rumor that I was trying to raise money for the future Louisville NBA team. I don’t know people with that kind of coin. Except maybe Star Child and Trump. And CI. And Miyagi. He doesn’t have any kids. Or an M. He’s probably the richest guy I know.

Anyway….Regardless of the rumors, this summer has been a little capricious for ol Zoo. Some nagging injuries, some laziness, some golf, and some other “stuff” has kept my posts a little lighter than normal. Eminent HIM GlennRoss noticed, and asked me to co-Q today. He’s smart. He knows I can’t say no. Especially to him. I agreed, and we started planning our Q. And when I say we started planning – I mean we started planning at 5:29.27 this morning as I planted the Extender flag and tied my shoes. Planning complete. Meinke was already done.

Glenn will write about his stuff. He started us off. It was hard. It was also awkward and kinky. I liked it. Be sure to read his B.B.

Ok. My turn. I did something I stole from B3. They’ve got some good stuff. BLIMP Run!!

Find a partner that will push you. Meet at the foot of the new running path.

B 10 Burpees. Run with partner at an accelerated pace the 0.3 miles. Then..

L lunge to the corner of the Mutt. (By my dads tree)

Sprint to the other corner

I 15 imperial walkers

Sprint to the next corner

M 20 merkins

Sprint to prayer garden

P 25 plank jacks

Run AYG back down the 0.3 mike path

S 30 squats.


Glenn then did some other hard stuff.

I’m back up. Meinke is empty. Kinda like kilo on his anniversary Q. “Ummmm ummmm ok I’m kilo, and ummm I’m outta stuff, so everyone do 30 burpees🙄”

So I go to some old favorites for Mary

15 v ups. Hold the v

5 deep breaths laying on our back. Pretty peaceful- until Buuuuusch and Wham- o started blabbering about nothing. I think it’s called mumblechatter.

10 Catalina not maktoum ndiaye wine makers

15 mountain goats



I said some words. I reminded the PAX that we don’t know what others are going through. Treat others well. And that we should welcome all of our pax who hibernate, or go on sabbatical back to the pax with open arms, a pat on the back, and 0 judging.

OB reminded us that we can choose how we react to uncontrollables. Choose to be happy. It’s not always easy. But it sure is better.

Love this group. Humbled to lead them. Had fun. Let’s have a great day!!

Ps. My B3 name was “Jordache”. Strong name. Hard to say goodbye to that baby.


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