B.B. TheCliffs@TheGarden 10/22 – Casper (Methane) the Friendly GHOST

F3 Ghost Q tip: If you don’t post regularly over the last couple months and then show up at a WO, odds are the PAX know you are the ghost Q.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been a ghost PAX over the last couple months but was grateful that Uncle Rico gave me the call. I dusted off my wienke and gave it a ghostly theme-a friendly ghost!!



Jitterbug -R



Nice and Slow




Mr. Roper

Uncle Rico



Lady Bird – R



Abe Vigotas

Imperial Walker

Cherry Pickers

Kendra Newman’s

Mountain Climbers

THANG 1 – Casper the Friendly GHOST

P1 Runs up to level 1 while P2 does AMRAP exercise as follows:

G – Groiners

H – Hand-release Merkins

O – Overhead Coupon Press

S – Squats w/coupon

T – Toe-touch Sit-ups


Perform 1 burpee run about 20 yards and perform another burpee, run back to where you start and do 2 burpees……rinse & repeat, trick or treat! We worked our way to 5 and 5 burpees.

THANG 3 – Ghost Car

Start at top of a parking space and do a Merkin, then bear crawl around the parking space to the other side another Merkin. Continue until you get to 5 Merkins

THANG 4 – Mary

Name your own Mary thang


Gave thanks for the people we are with and those who we cannot be with. Also, prayers for Jerry Beavers family and friends.

Thank you for letting me lead

– Methane

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