Black Ops BB at the 4-H Fairgrounds – Southern Indiana is crushing it

Methane here. I love to hear from everyone about what part of F3 keeps men coming back and motivates them to HL others. For me, it’s meeting the new guys and watching them show up week after week. How motivated they are to get better and help each other. Southern Indiana has that going on. They come out and work hard every time I have been able to post with them. They had great numbers show up at the Big Four Bridge, thanks to Grinder’s leadership and now they introduced me to the 4H Fairgrounds in New Albany. This place is awesome. It’s like the Tank’s bigger brother. It has hills, tennis courts, stairs, covered shelter, and a lot of trails. So many options. Great find guys. Now on to the stuff…..


April (R)

Plumb Bob

Bottle Rocket

Mr. Whipple

Puddin’ (R)

Methane – Q

I might have driven to the wrong park initially. As I pulled up, I thought “Wow, this place is awesome….where is everyone?” I was at the Sam Peden Community Park. Ugh, so I navigated over to the 4H Fairgrounds which is really close. Got there with 3 minutes to spare and informed them of my goof up. I commented on how nice the other park was and they said, “yeah, it’s right up that hill!” Oooooooooooohhhhh boy! This is going to be fun…


25 SSH

20 ImperialWalkers

15 Abe Vigotas

20 Mtn Climbers

20 SSH

26 1/2 Arm Circles front/back

Thing 1

Moseyed to the hill for some partner work. P1 did an exercise while P2 ran down the hill, burpee and ran back up. Then switched. We did this 6 times and added a burpee each time. Exercises were: LBC, Flutter Kicks, Rosalitas, LBC, Flutter Kicks, Rosalitas.

Thing 2

Moseyed up a stairway that was constructed by a sadistic, nearsighted mountain goat and then April led an exercise at a parking lot over looking Peden Park.

We did a little 3 team weave with T1 & T2 doing exercises at each end of the parking lot and T3 releasing T1 and so on. The first set of exercises was Merkins & American Hammers with more of transportation of lunge walks. Second set was Jump squats and V-ups with Frog jumps as transportation- woof!

Thing 3

Moseyed back to the starting point and circled up under the shelter for Merkin time bomb and then a Superman Time bomb. We started with 10 of the exercises and worked down to zero, next guy started at the count of 3.

We had a little extra time so finished with JLo’s and Pickle Pounders.


Circled it up for thoughts and prayers to Double Down and the father of one of April’s classmates who suffered a stroke.

I closed with thanks an appreciation that these HIMs allowed me to lead and teach a little more of what F3 means. Thank you

Methane Out, go Cats!!

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