Backblast #The Fog. Nov 24, 2018

Pax: Nino, Jitterbug (R), Drive Through (R), Lady Bird (R), Wapner, Gypsy, Mr. Cotter, Aerobie (Q).

The rain held off/stopped for the most part during this work out! Still, the ground was wet, so T-claps to Nino for suggesting the move of the day- to the Gazebo during the ground portions.

Disclaimer. Mosey to coupon parking lot. CofP. Abe Vigodas, grass grabbers, merkin, SSH, arm circles, Ranger merkins, imperial squat walkers.

Mosey to gazebo, with coupons. Shoulder stretches, Heels to heaven (core and arm version) press coupon up as legs come up. V’s (core and arm version) press coupon up as legs come down, release coupon down as legs come up. Windshield wipers.

Mosey part of egg lawn. Thang 1. Use workout card deck, pitting team 1 vs. team 2. This wound up being eight exercises, done here and there. 1st exercise – plank jacks – was done for 15 sec. Second exercise was done for 15 sec. Third exercise – lunges – was done for 30 sec. Fourth exercise – hillbilly’s – was done for 40 sec. (“score” was 40-15 at this point.). Fifth exercise – plank jacks came up again – was done for 30 sec. (“score” was 40-30 at this point.) Sixth exercise (card said bear crawl, Q determines distance) was done for about 60 yards. (Deuce!). Seventh exercise – high plank – was done for 50 seconds (advantage team 1!). 8th exercise – fast high knee raises – was done for one minute (game goes to team 1). Each “point” Was played by a representative of one of the teams picking a card, before the card is picked guess the color. Correct guess awards point to the picking team, wrong guess awards the point to the other team. All Pax did all the exercises regardless of who the point was awarded to.

Thang 2. Team 1 dips, team 2 squats, for 30 sec then switch. Team 1 merkins, team 2 hold canoe, for 40 sec then switch.

Mosey to Gazebo. Superman’s. Freddie Mercuries. Lbc’s. Heel taps. JLo’s. Coupon presses.

Circle up for name-arama, announcements, intentions, and CoT. Prayers for all travelers this weekend. Reminder about our service opportunity (breakfast at Wayside) on December 5. Check 3ndf or message @Jitterbug or @Aerobie if interested.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, Pax!

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