1/3/22 – Big Mo at Vets – Meter Maid Q

I was excited to bring the potted plant 2022 tour to Vets this morning. It was still festive with all the Christmas lights and tree up in the park. I arrived early to spread out the potted plants, sandbags and ruck sacks. Through the workout, there was 500 pounds to move around.

There were 11 PAX who participated [Backflop, Newman, Diablo, Timeshare, Worm, Tony Malito, Alfalfa, Soups, PK, Abacus and Meter Maid (Q)]. It was also my first opportunity to roll out my new Costco blu tooth speaker.

After a disclaimer, we mosey around the oval. After the first loop, I decided we needed another to help warm up on this cold windy morning. We circled up for some Mountain Climbers IC, Kendra Newmans (arm circles) and Grass Grabbers.

Then, I explained the workout and walked through the stations. They included: 10 pound potted plants punch out while on your back, 15 pound potted plants for perpetual motion, 20 pound potted plants for squats to overhead press, 25 pound potted plants for flutter kicks, 30 pound potted plant for skull crushers, 30 pound potted plant for American Hammers. We also had an uneven farmer carry (20 and 40 pound sandbag), 60 pound sandbag squats, 30 pound ruck merkins and 30 pound ruck step ups. The push would be the 65 pound ruck and optional 50 pound potted plant. Many PAX kept asking what is in that ruck sack. After everyone completed each station, we moseyed one lap before restarting. Below is what my GPS captured.

We went until time and circled up for COR and NOR. We did announcements (monthly ruck on 1/22). If you are interested in leading one during 2022, reach out to Viking or myself. We did intentions. I mentioned to challenge yourself and be original in 2022. We concluded with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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