BB- The Foundry at the County – Meter Maid Q – 5/10/23

It felt colder than the 53 degrees shown this morning for the six pax who got their work in during the heavy. The pax included DeVitto (did a prerun before the workout), Huey (on a break from school), PK (site Q of the Incubator on Mondays), Jerry Maguire (R) (traveled by bike with his US Open bag), Brown Water (who talked about his M and 2.0s experience at the recent Taylor Swift concert – Dauber missed out), and YHC (dressed in a red golf polo to honor Denny Crum). To be honest, it reminded me of the outfit that Cochran had when he ran the fitness test at the County.

Provided a disclaimer and led COP. It was fairly standard with some tempo merkins IC and good mornings threw in (LePew would have approved).

There were sixteen stations that I set up with one push. The push was farmer carrying a pair of 25 pound potted plants (Sorinex Center Mass Bells) to the playground and back. Other exercises included stein holds, boxing, Brown Waters (IFKYK), Bent over Flys, Shoulder Shrugs, Kneeling Chops, Shoulder to Shoulder Overhead Press, kettlebell swings, ruck merkins, ruck calf raises, sandbags tosses and a few others. Everyone got to be the push at least twice and half of us got in a third round on the push. Jerry Maguire paused during each cuss word. Had Finkle been Qing, I don’t think Jerry would have been able to workout -lol.

Completed COR and NOR. For announcements, this Saturday, Jitterbug could use about 4-5 more pax to help with Dare to Care. The County Fair will be May 20th starting at 6am. Those who attend will receive a cool turkey patch. May 27th will be the monthly ruck at the Fog (Posh). It will be a modified Murph led by Diablo. If you need a ruck, reach out to me.

In closing, I mentioned that Denny Crum was a great coach but an even better person. He is a a great example of a high impact man (HIM).

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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