BB- Finkle @Vets for the Tank

Missed my man @kilo this morning, but I was honored he called my number to lead a group of HIMS at Vets. The group of 14 on hand had incredible energy from the start which led to major calorie burner. The weather was incredible, and the sunrise over the monuement revealed all of gods beauty. We discussed embracing discipline for the rewards it yields by those willing to be trained by it. The workout engaged the core early, and offered an opportunity for some partner work to push each other. We found the loop at vets from Chopper to the gate is not for the faint of heart. We all grabbed that elusive 1% we’re chasing this morning in the gloom. We took full advantage of the morning the lord gave us, and we’re all better for it! AYE

Published by Finkle @ the "O"

Father, christian, competitor, and site Q at the "O"

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