BB- The Foundry at the County- 3/17/21 – Meter Maid Q

I got up early this morning to ensure that I could place all of my toys for heavy work before the PAX began arriving. I left my house and as I came up Ash Ave, I noticed a train that wasn’t moving. Below was my perspective at 5:07AM.

At this point, I thought it was time to find an alternate route.

As I peaked to the right, the train was stopped, but I could still get over the train tracks. The crisis was avoided.

I was able to unload my toys each into a sidewalk square.

This did not include the battle rope that Brown Water brought. He has battle rope skills. It also did not include Cochran’s curl bar.

We had 7 other PAX arrive at the workout. Here is the listing: Tidwell (crushing the Iron Horse challenge), Pelican (fresh off his 1st Peloton class yesterday), Cochran (brought a stout curl bar with more weight than last time; Fructose would be proud), Focker (who Qed the Foundry last week and provided me inspiration for today), Brown Water (Mr Battle Ropes), Asing Zing [R] (He had strong words for Richard Pitino’s performance at Minnesota before being fired), Verbal (a new PAX from the Boondocks who was HCed by F-Stop) and Meter Maid [Q].

I started with the disclaimer and we took our coupons for a rifle carry around the islands. Then, we did 5 BOYOs and Pelican complained. Must not be strict COP. It was COP style. Then, I did grass grabbers IC, Kendra Newmans and Michael Phelps OYO.

I showed everyone the exercises for the free weights, GoRuck sandbags, slam ball and curl bar. It included curls, overhead press, cleans, weighted squats, etc. There is lots you can do with the weights especially the potted plants (Dauber’s words) or candle holders (Brown Water’s words). They were actually center mass bells from Sorinex. They are sold out but you can find out more at this link below.

Center Mass Bell®

I brought two rucks to the workout – one he 65 pounds (Rucker 3.0) and the other one had the standard 30 pounds for options. The PAX on the ruck would go around the island and be the push for everyone to rotate. At one point, Pelican did use both rucks. When he came back, he was sweating. Okay, Pelican sweats all the time but still impressive never the less.

We worked hard until until called but there were still ample opportunities for mumble chatter.

For future reference, don’t give Focker a slam ball as he will create a crater with it.

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, the monthly ruck is Friday night. Focker has a Nest Q coming up so expect an extra 15 minutes with the enemy, unless he pulls a Fructose Nest Q.

I shared a message of not overthinking your Qs.

We thanked God, raised up our unsaid intentions and ended with an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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