BB – The Ruiner at the O – Meter Maid Q – 7/16/22

Dot had reached out earlier this month to Q where it all began for Louisville. Dot and YHC did a preruck and in 3.5 miles which still allowed me 15 for Dot, Patches and me to setup for the O’s first potted plant tour.

We had 7 pax who made it out (Dot [R], Marvin Stone, Duff, Sump Pump [R], Spanx [R], Patches and Meter Maid [Q]), some of whom I had not had the pleasure of meeting. It’s another reason to get out and check out the other AOs outside of our home AO.

Started at 7am with a disclaimer and we made the loop by the tennis courts. This would be the loop that would run later during the main thang. We circled up at the tennis courts for COP. It included Mountain Climbers (IC), various stretches, Grass Grabbers (IC), Arm Circles, Cinooks (a new one learned recently from Glowsticks), and Michael Phelps).

The potted plants, sandbags and rucks were arranged and the various exercises were explained. Your would do AMRAPs for two different exercise and then run a loop around the tennis courts.

The exercises included T-holds, punchouts, brown waters, rolling rows, bench press, farmers carry (even and uneven), ruck squats, ruck merkins, kettlebell swings, bent over rows, manmakers throwing sandbag overhead, and cleans.

Before the end, we took the weights back to my vehicle and concluded with some Mary. It included flutterkicks, left leg only flutterkicks and right leg only flutterkicks. Also threw in some gas pumps, preacher sits ups and elevators until time concluded.

Closed our with COR, NOR, announcements, intentions and an Our Father. Afterwards four of us enjoyed coffeteria at Heine Brothers.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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