BB 07.09.2019 @ The Rooster

19 PAX posted at The Rooster this humid morning to embark on a 45 minute journey of fitness and camaraderie.   We had Sump Pump, Cowbell, Blueprint, Deuce, Old Bay, Larry Flint, Wham-O, Splinter, Butcher, Pixar, Lobster, Dorothy, Eggo, Green Wave, Santana, Geppetto, Tureen, Backdraft, and Escort as Q.  Eight guys from the O graced us with their presence this morning.  Thanks guys for making the trip.

The run down…

Warm up:

30 SSH, 15 Abe Vigotas, arm circles, shoulder stretches, then into plank for some merkins, calf stretches, more merkins, runners stretch, and a few more merkins.

Thang 1:

Scout Run for about one mile.

Thang 2:

Cones were setup on the four corners of the soccer field.  PAX were instructed to run (AYG) to the first cone, bear crawl to the second, lunge walk to the third, then crab walk to the 4th.  Rinse & repeat for four rounds.

Thang 3:

Then we moseyed to the prayer garden for some coupon and ab work to finish it out.  20 Thrusters with a tricep extension, 25 curls, 20 rows each arm, 20 squats, 30 bench presses, 20 big boys, 20 flutter kicks in cadence, and 30 LBCs in cadence.

No announcements.  We ended in COT with some encouragement to reach out to those in our lives that may be suffering, and also to act as leaders to promote safe behaviors during summer activities, then special intentions, and prayer.

Thank you all for this opportunity to lead you this morning.




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