Backblast Bag of Wrenches 1/8/19

Q: Pork Chop

Pax: Sweatshop, Fergie, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, OJ, Wham!, Flo Jo, Cletus (FNG) Pope, Scuba Steve, Cardinal, Scuba Steve, Glen Ross


Better late than never backblast.  Sorry folks!


5:30 Am rolled around with a good collection of HIMs.  Started off on a 1/2 mile mosey to the far end of the Seneca Circle.  Some high knees and butt kicks thrown in for good measure.  Circled up for a warm up with 25 SSH, 20 Abe Vigodas, 20 grassgrabbers, some downward dog, and runners stretch.


Then lined up for Red Barchettas.  100 yard sprint together with 100 SSH then mosey back, 75 yard sprint with 75 mountain climbers, 50 yard sprint with 50 LBC, 25 yard sprint with 25 merkins, and finally 10 yard sprint with 10 BOYOs.

Native American run to Cogan’s Cove.  11’s using the hill with BOYOs at the bottom and Worst Merkins Ever at the top.  We got about half way through before needing to Mosey back to the flag, which was a good thing since I was close to barfing.

At the flag had just enough time for 2 minutes of Guantanomo.


Announcements for the upcoming ruck.  Named a new FNG as well.  Intentions spoken.  All is well




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