Backblast: BlackOps at Tom Sawyer 12/11 with Porkchop



A little late on the back blast but better late than never.


4 PAX joined me for a cold morning in the Gloom:  Retainer, Alexa, Fergie, Abacus.


I promised to bring the heat this morning so we started with a quick Mosey followed by 25 SSH, 15 Abe Vigodas, 15 Grass Grabbers,  some Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog, and Runners Stretch.    I was excited to get to my Thangs.

began with some Red Barchettas.  I wanted something to get our heart rate up and this seemed fitting.  Red Barchetta is a song by Rush who also wrote the song Tom Sawyer.  The black ops was at Tom Sawyer so its like this weinke wrote itself.  Also, we started the exercise jamming to Red Barchetta as well.

Red Barchetta:


100 yrd sprint together followed by 100 SSH then jog back.

75 yard sprint all together followed by 75 mountain climbers and jog back

50 yard sprint together followed by 50 LBC and jog back

25 yard sprint followed by 25 Merkins then jog back.

Finally 10 yard sprint followed by 10 burpees.


My heart was pumping at this point so we circled up.


The music had switch to the island theme I chose to keep us warm  Lots of Bob Marley with a sprinkle of Shaggy


2 rounds of ATM- Alternating Shoulder touch x15(IC) , Tempo Merkins x 10, Fast Merkins x 10

2 rounds of Howling Monkeys.  1st person does 10 Monkee Hummers, then the second and so on all around the circle.  All the PAX have to hold onto their ankles the whole time.

2 rounds of Guantanomo.  On our 6.  Legs six inches off the ground.  1 PAX runs around the circle pushes the legs down.


Back up for another round of Red Barchetta and another double round of ATMS, Howling Monkeys, and Guantanomo.

75 yard duck walk to pick up the cones and 25 yard bear crawl while listening to Mele Kalikimaka .


Short round of Mary with a Stairway to Heaven with Abacus.  I am pretty sure I saw a shooting star but I was to gassed to say anything.


COT.  Intentions for Double Down and Abacus’ niece who is in the hospital with a viral infection.





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