Backblast: 1/18/20 Porkchop Q at the O


Porkchop (Q)








Bully (DR- Birmingham)




After my last Q full of Burpee’s and pull-ups I wanted to do something I was a little more fun. I like doing Qs to music so I tried to come up with something fun and creative. I wasn’t sure what the crowd was going to be like with the bad weather expected and the day after a Friday night ruck. I was certainly happy to see a good crowd despite all this.

It was cold with the mist of rain so as soon as 7 o’clock hit we ran to grab one coupon for every two people. We started running off into the neighborhood towards the bridge on Old Cannons Lane. Once we got there we hid underneath the bridge to stay out of the rain.

We circled up for a circle of pain with side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas, grass grabbers, downward dogs and Kendra Newmans.  After we were warmed up we got the official workout music going. First song wasCOtton Eyed Joe. SSH while the man was singing Merkens while the female was singing and squats with a side hillbilly kick during the banjo solos. The PAX looked ridiculous and it was awesome. Second song was Daft Punk Around the World. This is a series of lunges: first lunge forward with right leg, then lunged to the right with the right leg, then lunged backwards with the right leg, then lunged backwards with the left leg, then lunge to the left with the left leg, then finally lunge forward with the left leg. We kept doing these in series throughout the entire song which was amazingly long. Third song was the Cupid Shuffle.  This was done in the Merkin position. When the song tells you to go to the right you walk to the right with your hands, when told to walk to the left we walked left with our hands, with “kick”we do a donkey kick and with down we do Merkin.  Then with my favorite song in the group I Have No More Fucks to Give, a true masterpiece. We did JLos to the beat and did a pickle pounder looking into the eyes of the down range pax  each time the word fuck is used. This occurred a lot. Then we moved on to Happ Jack’s to the song Happy Jack. A series of four SSH in cadence followed by 2two jump squats. Repeato. Next we played the song Flower by Moby. Cool song.  When we’re told to go up we’re in the up Merkin position when we’re told to go down we’re in the down Merkin position. Then of course the baby shark challenge followed by two rounds of the Mega Man 2 theme song (twice).  MegaMan’s consist of four squats followed by four squat Merkins and then finally with four jumping knee tucks. Repeato. Time was almost up so we picked up our coupons and ran back to the flag.  Attempted to do a game of Hills and Valleys in there as well.  Epic fail.  We won’t discuss.  Loved the strange looks and comments from the runners jogging through the gauntlet of men doing strange things together.  One older gentleman laid it out there with “Please don’t attack us.”  I’m sure that was said in silence by many runners that morning.


Circle of trust.


Emphasize Old Bays focus on gratitude. Prayers up for Ryleigh.



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