BackBlast Digiorno Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #F3Counts

The gloom was perfect today. YHC rolled in about 0640 to meet Glen Ross for some  EC pull-ups. Fridge rolled in a little later and joined in the action. I was telling them I was out to eat last night with the M and we ended up seeing some friends. As we were talking, my buddy mentioned he was trying to workout…my M glared at me. You know that look that says, Don’t you dare dominate the rest of the night talking about F3! So, YHC took the NORMAL 45 minutes to explain what we do ITG. The seed is planted.

10 PAX: The Hurt @ The Mutt
Stan Lee 2.0
Soft Top
No Show
Glen Ross
Wham-O (R)
Digiorno Q

Disclaimer given.

As I was thinking about what to put in my weinkie last night at 10p…I decided to look back deep into the Weasel Shaker 3000. 2018 was the year, Vincent was the Q, The Hurt was the AO. I made a few changes but most of the ideas came from that workout. Vincent is a bad ass and I knew it would be tough. If you don’t know about the Weasel Shaker, check out this site and thank HIM Tron

We moseyed around the school and circled up for some stretching and a few other exercises to loosen us up.

Thang 1: Tubthumping, played the song and did burpees everytime they said I Get Knocked Down, I Get Up Again. We also held Al Gore in-between.

Thang 2: 11’s, we moseyed to the coupons, all PAX grabbed one. Start at coupon area with Curls, run around building Bear Crawl up drive side, Merkins at top, then run down the stairs side. Shoulders started to get tight at this point.

Thang 3: Our old friend Jack Webb made a visit. Rosalitas:Overhead Clap 1:4 – 10:40. After this YHC shoulders were shot.

Thang 4: All PAX called out an exercise with coupons. Probably not my best decision, I could barely lift the coupon. Duece called incline merkins, then Frankenbaby called thrusters…I seriously couldn’t remember what everyone else called because shoulders were done. Did I mention how my shoulders were toast. After this we had approximately 10 minutes left. Coupons were replaced, moseyed around school, corner 1 – 1 burpee, corner 2 – 2 burpees, corner 3 – 3 burpees, corner 4 – 4 burpees, then repeat-o.

Time was called. COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions. Thanked the HIM for getting better at The Hurt. Asked everyone to do some goodr out there.


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