Back Blast 9/22/2020 the Loco at the County Jerry MaGuire Q

PAX: 6CartmanAsian Zing (R)Launch Pad (R)TidwellCrock PotJerry MaGuire (R) (Q)
Jerry MaGuire was super excited to get on the Q calendar this week, so YHC knew something was up his sleeve. During his VQ he dropped a brutal Murph + more and sprinkled in some Puerto Rico trivia and culture knowledge along the way. Would he keep this trend?
COP:200 m mosey20 Side Straddle Hops20 Grass GrabbersDownward DogMichael Phelps100 m mosey
Thang 1:Jerry will make jokes from time to time about taking a ‘senior discount’ on the reps he completes in sets toward the end of workouts. It makes for a good joke, but in this case, he designed it in as a feature. 
100 reps minus PAX age: Thrusters50 m sprint100 reps minus PAX age: Overhead claps50 m sprint100 reps minus PAX age: Squats50 m sprint
Thang 2:Upon completion of the ‘senior discount’ superset (let’s be honest, literally all three of our Respect PAX in this group donated some reps to the young guns), we moved to Thang 2. Here the PAX circled up, and Jerry drew a card for each PAX from a deck of 40 ‘Spanish’ cards (**Who knew there were so many configurations of playing cards? Google this, you’ll learn something. This was pretty cool, and was just a hint of the culture lesson yet to come.)
Clubs = MerkinsGold Coins = Plank JacksCups = CurlsSwords = Bench Press
We made three rounds per PAX, but mid-way through round 4, Jerry called all the PAX to Thang 3. 
Thang 3:PAX grabbed coupons and made a big circle around the speaker. Jerry fired up Ritchie Ray’s “Sonido Bestial”, a (6 minute 40 second) tune with a variety of sound, riffs, and solos.
PAX carried, via method of their choice, coupons in a counterclockwise circle around the speaker. We did:Burpees: every mention of “Ritchie” in the lyricsAMRAP Big Boys: during the ‘classical’ piano soloT-Merkins: During the ‘jazz’ extended music riff2:1 ratio of Lunges and Coupon touch squats (a box squat variation where you use the coupon as the box, touch your six to it and go): throughout the drums + cowbell accompaniment
It couldn’t have been timed any better. Seriously, as the last song note trailed off we heard the ‘woooooooooommmmmmp’ of Jerry’s phone alarm.
COT was awesome. We did all the normal things, but settled in for a quick history lesson. 
Jerry introduced Hispanic Heritage month, which runs from Sept 15 – Oct 15. This was introduced by President LBJohnson (as Hispanic Heritage week, lengthened to a month by President Reagan) as an appreciation and recognition for the contribution, culture, and achievements of our brothers and sisters of Hispanic heritage. This coincides with the independence days of: Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.
Thanks Jerry for making this “more than a workout.” There are 1,000 reasons why Jerry Maguire makes the group better, this Q was just one of them. Respect.

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