Digiorno Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #F3Counts

If you haven’t signed up for The Hurt Digiorno Q, we have spots available!! It’s not too late. If you’re on the fence, I respectfully suggest that you DO IT. We have PAX unable to make it from other AO’s that are willing to transfer their spot to you. You simply need to email TheMutt@f3nation.com and ask for a transfer code. This is as good a deal as you can get. There should be no question about your decision.

Also, if you think you can’t do this – well, if you’re reading this and have worked out at The Mutt with us, I’m telling you you’re wrong. If the “Taste of the Buschhhhh” birthday week celebration scared you a little, it shouldn’t have. If you completed that, then you can do this. In fact, that should’ve been demotivating! That was p@$$y-style shit.

Either way, go grab one of those transfer registrations. If you need to take a last minute dump, remember Geppettos old house is just around the corner. The back door is always open.

Diablo, thank you for the inspiration to steal your words. As you know, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Aye!


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