Post Grow Ruck training-Pelican Q Incubator at Posh 10.12.20

For those who weren’t able to attend GrowRuck this past weekend you are in luck. This will be just like it with the exception of its only 45 minutes long, no one will yell at you unless you piss off the mom group, you can keep your phone and wear your watch, it most likely won’t be hard, Kilo won’t try to talk you into going every other day, we don’t have to carry anything or wear a ruck, it’s free, I don’t have a packing list for this, there’s no patches for completion and so on and so forth. Ok maybe it’s nothing like grow ruck—we are going to play pass the PAX. Running will be involved and there won’t be any need for a coupon. I probably won’t wear gloves unless it’s cold.



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