Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)

I had the distinguished honor of captaining Team #1 or shall I say the A-Team!

Gypsy aka Faceman, always looked good, start to finish.

Old Bay aka Hannibal, not the captain, but a true leader within this crew.  He brought a speaker-genius!

Newman aka B.A. Baracus, the man can carry 10 times his body weight and never complained.

Methane aka Murdock, the crazy risk taker with total disregard for authority-I probably should not have been captain.

This fearless crew planted their flag at the corner of Hwy 42 and Coach Gate Wynde.

Our sharpie worked just fine and our X was right on point. Other teams must have forgot their readers when they marked theirs. Anyway, we set up our flag, rigged a booby trap and left some bourbon treats for the first team to find it. We didn’t know that we were competing against a bunch of teetotalers (RedNex excluded-T-claps gentlemen) as no one partook in the bourbon we left.

8:00 hit and off we went. First flag found was #2 at Soujourn. Location was easy to find but the placement was tricky. Well done. Our next flag was located at St. Matthews Park. This is where Murdock, I mean, Methane took over. He knew this land like the back of his hand. He grew up in Beechwood Village. “I got this, we cut through Woodlawn Park neighborhood, cross the railroad tracks and we are entering the backside of the woods to St. Mathews.” Well yeah, if it was 35 years ago. What we didn’t plan on was the fact that fence sales over the last 35 years must have really taken off. After getting some help from some interested neighbors, we crossed the railroad tracks to discover we where now the cast of Stand By Me.

Middle of the railroad tracks and not one unfenced yard. Finally, we found an open fence/yard to cut through, it also happened to be the only yard with a dear decoy in it that I’m sure was used for target practice. Wew, let’s go get CI’s flag…..found it. That was easy and funny. Someone drew a middle finger where the # is supposed to be. Later on as we were searching thought the Kilo mine fields we realized that we did not get flag #3. After a lot of cursing we found #4. Off we go to flag #5-the infamous Star Child flag. If Methane would learn to keep his mouth shut at lunch, we might have been the only team to located the #5 Ghost Flag! This is the point where I really had a true appreciation for my teammates. We were about 2 hours into this and about 7 miles and i was breaking down. I did not bring enough water and was starting to cramp. I only carried the team weight about 1/6th of the time. Judgement gets cloudy. Do we go to Bowman Field and get #6 or do we head back and try to get #10? Risk and Reward, but there was no reward. We went the wrong way and we were fenced in. We could see the glow stick but realized we would not have time to walk all the way around and make it back. We knew we had to cut bait and get back, but Newman and Gypsy had a better idea. Let’s bring the flag back to us!! They both took of at a sprint to grab the flag and bring it back to where Methane and Old Bay were waiting. No one else would be looking for flags, everybody is heading back. Except for Little Jerry’s team. “Hey, what are you all doing? Where are your rucks?”. Busted! With that they grabbed the flag and made it back to Old Bay and Methane. We took 2 pictures. One for #6 and one for #9-Who’s going to know that the 9 is an upside down 6?

Well that was all for naught, because those little shenanigans put us past the time. Realizing we would not get back was actually the best part. We moseyed back to Molly’s and got to know each other a little more. I love the random draw for teams. I love getting to know what makes each one of these guys a HIM. This is what makes F3 so special-Fellowship.  Also, great job on team Vince and the support for the Caballero family. Continued prayers and support!

Old Bay, Gypsy, Newman, thank you for your support, strength and entertainment. I had a great time rucking with you.


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