The Blender PreBlast – F3versiary

@nathangilmore13 (Nino) and I are F3 twins (fraternal), both celebrating our one year F3versiaries tomorrow with a Q. Both are good options so get out of bed!  My story: Three hundred and sixty some days ago @buschhhhh, @f3digiorno and @backdraft2 overserved me at FABD on a Friday afternoon and convinced me to show up at 7am the following morning to work out.  I fartsacked that day.  Actually, I called @f3digiorno around 7am and asked him if it was OK to show up 20 minutes late.  Guilt led me to the O the following week where @jmknight991 had prepared a burpee mile for the Pax.  I modified heavily and survived and the rest is history.  Come see what I’ve learned in the gloom.  One thing I’ve definitely learned is BRING GLOVES!

Published by f3zima

1 beer = 1.5 miles running

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