BB: 10/10/19 at The Extender.

Apparently, the title alone was posted last Thursday so in the words of the great Paul Harvey,  “here is the rest of the story”.  Coming in just under the 14 day BB rule, this one is for you @kkzs (Sump Pump).  For everyone else, my apologies should you choose to read on.  No animals were harmed in the making of this documentary.

Conditions were fair, high 40’s and clear.  Despite a rather late PB, I had what I thought was a great @Blueprintlou (Blueprint) for the gloom.  In my pursuit to outrun a nine year old for one mile, I centered our workout around fartleks to build up cardio.  First though, I met Deuce for a little EC, a little tradition I’ve come to enjoy in my pursuit to beat said nine year old.  We usually have a small group for the EC, but Buschhh and Fridge were @No-shows.  We headed out and as we hustled up Ormand, I asked Deuce if he thought this street was too dark for the group run I’d planned later.  No lights and the fog was thick, like something you’d pour out of a @tureenf3.  We were certain all of the Pax would be OK and moved on.

Back at the Mutt, the Pax started rolling in hot with their @softtopspalding (softops) down blasting that @fergie8 (Fergie).

5:30 and the disclaimer was given and a short COP, mostly stretching, to make sure no one pulled a hammy on the street.  The workout was pretty simple.  We were going to travel about 1.5 miles and complete a series of fartleks to keep it interesting.  First up the Native American run with a burpee in the back from HT to Ormand and St. Matthews Drive.  And this is where it got interesting.  As we’re heading up Ormand, a @tiger55f3 (tiger) suddenly jumped through the @windshield of a @f3deuce coupe and attacked @fridge502.  He went down hard, catching himself face first on the curb and then  @snowman jumped out from the bush and assasinated the beast with his new @whamolouf3 (wham-o) frisbee.  Fridge was safe, but in pain with a possible broken ankle.  The Pax got him up and checked his injury with a @cahowell1106 (plumb bob) and the ankle appeared to be true and straight.  A few pax joined Fridge on a short walk back while the rest of us continued.

At the corner of St. Matthews and Ormand, we changed it up a bit to include stopping for 10 merkins at each light pole until we reached Elmwood and Cherrywood.  I believe it was 14 in all and luckily no surprise animal attacks.

From Elmwood and Cherrywood, we continued down Elmwood to Gilman and circled around Golman to Cherrywood and back to the school.  On this leg, we swapped out the Native American run to do sprints between every other pole.  Basically sprint 100 yards, recover, repeat until you reach HT.  We got back to HT only to find that misfortune had struick again as @Snowman had melted in the parking lot.  We had to bring in a @kkzs (sump pump) to clean up the mess and fortunately ran into Bobby Boucher gladly took our mess to continue his pursuit as the @waterboy.

With that out of the way, we circled up for 500 reps of coupon exercises including OH presses, squats, curls, upright rows and bench press while imagining how we were going to recount the day’s events.

Circle up for intentions and a prayer for Fridge’s ankle and moneymaker.  Fortunatley due to my delayed posting I can report he was back at it the very next week and we celebrated with @f3zima for everyone!

In case you missed it, the Pax included Fridge, Tiger, Snowman, Soft Top, Blueprint, Fergie, Sump Pump, Tureen, Windshield, NoShow, Deuce, Wham-0, Waterboy, Plumb Bob, Zima-Q


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