The Blender BB 6/12/19

Despite being up most of the night after watching the rather disturbing and fascinating mini-series, Chernobyl, I felt pretty good about getting back out in the gloom.  And that WEATHER!!!

Conditions:  55F and Clear

Pax: OJ, Glen Ross, RihRih, PED, Blue Print, Buschhh, Fridge, Pope, Juicy, Cornbread (R), Stiletto, Cooter (DR), Chiklas, Big Papi (FNG) and Zima (Q).

COP:  Frog Squat Stretch x 3, Downward Dog, Runner Stretch, Mountain Climbers (IC x 20), SSH (IC x 30), Imperial Walkers (IC x 20), Copperhead Squats (IC x 20), Merkins (50), LBC’s (IC x 20), LB Flutter Kicks (IC x 15), American Hammers with LBC (IC x 15), Elevators and maybe one other thing.

Thang 1.  Mosey to the corner of Cherrywood and Leland.  Ladders starting here in the following sequence:  1 Burpee at Cherrywood and Leland (Station 1).  Run downhill to Cherrywood and Ormand (Station 2) and perform 2 Big Boys.  Run downhill to bridge on Ormand (Station 3) and perform 1 dip.  Run back uphill to  station 2 and increase reps to 2.  Bernie Sanders uphill to station 1 and increase reps to 2.  Rinse and repeat until burpee reps reach 10.  The Pax does some EC while we hold for the six and then mosey to the coupon garden.

Thang 2.  TABATA 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.  Single arm coupon snatch.  Coupon swings.  Rinse and repeat for six rounds.

Gather at flag for announcements and intentions.  FNG is Jesus (24) from Dominican Republic.  May have been the fastest naming ceremony in F3 history.  Welcome Big Papi.

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1 beer = 1.5 miles running

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