Back-Blast – St. Pat’s – The Garden – 6.11.19

I walked outside yesterday morning and it was surprisingly cold. I knew that wouldn’t last long as I was headed to The Garden and the hills there are sure to get the heart rate up. I wasn’t sure what to expect as several of the regulars(Huggies, Nino and Nice-and-Slow) are all out on vacation. I pulled in and there was one car in the parking lot but it had two PAX in it…I was already pumped. As we got closer to 5:30a.m. more PAX rolled in and we ended up with 13 total:

Pork Chop


Frosted Tips




Mr. Kotter


Mama’s Boy

Uncle Rico




We started with a lap around the property and circled up for a warm-up at the bottom of the back hill near the coupons. I have a standard go to warm-up I like to use:

25 X SSH

25 x Mountain Climbers

20 X SSH

20 X Mountain Climbers

25 x Plank Jacks

15 X Grass Grabbers

50 Merkins IC

We then retrieved the coupons and knocked out the following:

25 X OH Press with Negative Resistance

25 X Curls

25 X Squats

25 X Coupon Swings

Next we moved on to the Main Thang. One of my favorites is what I call Coupon Stackers which I have done several times but never at St. Pat’s. It was time.

We lined up at the bottom of the hill and broke off into 3’s. Partner 1 proceeded to hard run up the hill with the coupon to the first speed bump, stack the coupon and hit 10 Merkins before running back down the hill to repeat the same process with the remaining 2 coupons. Partner 2 and 3 AMRAP’d 15 Merkins and 10 Bobby Hurley’s until it was their turn.

This took a little longer than expected. At 6:08 we returned the coupons and circled up for some quick Mary. 50 Big Boys IC and 25 Pickle Pounders IC. We then ran back to the flag and circled up for COT.

Shout out to Mr. Kotter who announced to the group that he is down 6 pant sizes since coming out to F3 last Fall. An extraordinary accomplishment my friend. Thank you for sharing.

We finished with an Our Father.

It was a great start to the day and I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue to be part of this. Thanks to all of you.


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