Back Blast 10/25/18; The Extender – Zima Q

Feels good to finally be healthy again and so I was ready for a Q to utilize all of our resources at the Mutt.  Also, we had important things to discuss, hence the Boardroom pre-blast.  Conditions were great; Dry and 45F.  Twenty Pax were on hand to greet the gloom: Tiger, Digornio, Windshield, Sump Pump, Gepetto, Buschhhh, Mouth, Waterboy, Deuce, Sprinkler, Blue Print, Plumb Bob, Escort, Fridge, Mary Poppins, Beano, Maize, Miyagi, Wham-O and Zima (Q).

Given that it was Q Week, I was trying really hard to follow proper protocols for the Q.  So once the Pax gathered we had a proper disclaimer and asked about any FNG’s before beginning.


Thang 1:  I wanted to stretch our legs, but didn’t want some of the faster Pax getting too far ahead so the light poles and an intermittent Native American run became the great equalizer.  All pax run up Leland to St. Matthews Ave. and stop to do 10 Merkins at each light pole.  Once at St. Matthews Ave pax lined up for Native American run down St. Matthews Ave, to Ormand back towards HT.  Pax in the rear to complete three BYO’s before running to the front.  At the top of Ormand we veered right onto Fatima Lane for the short loop, stopping once more to switch back to doing 10 Merkins at each light pole.  Run was just over one mile with about 100 Merkins completed and we ended in the HT parking lot for COP.


Jacked Up (performed IC): 50 SSH, 40 Seal Jacks, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Squat Cross-Over Jacks and 10 Smurf Jacks.

Frankensteins x 20 IC

Colt 45’s (Single Count): 15 high half squats, 15 low half squats, 15 full squats.

21’s with SSH (IC): Q counted off the first 5 IC and then Pax counted silently to finish on 21.  Once again, we proved to not be very good at counting, including YHC, so we did 10 BYO’s.

The Board Room: Pax in COP assumed seated position a la’ Al Gore to discuss the 5 Core Principles of F3 and other important matters.  A few Burpos were thrown in for good measure.

Thang 3:

Mosey to pick up some coupons and circle up in parking lot for the Filthy 500.  20 coupon squats, 20 coupon curls, 20 coupon rows, 20 coupon bench press, 20 coupon presses.  Rinse and repeat.  We made it through 3 rounds before time ran out.

Moseyed back to flags for COR, NOR and COT.  Two more Pax signed up on the Q board.


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