BackBlast 10/26/2018 Black Ops at the Mutt

Pax: Larry Flint, Plumb Bob, Fridge and Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: 47 and light rain

Originally planned on going off campus, but completely switched weinkes at 5:25. Picked up some good stuff this week at Q school—thanks to all site Q’s for leading this week

5:30 and we started w/ mosey around the school then circle up for quick warm-up:

10 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 10 Mountain Climbers

Thang1: Using 2 stations, we would do Ab work at station 1, then arms/shoulders at station 2. Using ladders from Catfish Q yesterday we started at 10—worked our way down to 1. After completing station 1 and 2, we would run around the school and return to the stations for another round. We did 4 rounds

Station 1: round 1:V-Ups, round 2: American Hammers (started at 15 on this one) Round 3: Big Boys and finished with last set of V-Ups

Station 2: round 1 Incline presses on the wall, round 2 Dips, round 3 Derkins

In between the last round/ last lap, I called a quick audible for 5 minutes of coupon work 1 minute of each:

Curls, Rows, Left arm pulls, Right arm pulls and finished with more Curls

On our way back up to station 1 to finish with another round of V-Ups we stopped on the stairs for some Rick Flairs

Great thing about posting over 200 times is my internal clock from 5:30 to 6:15 is pretty good and we finished up at exactly 6:15

COT: Announcements for convergence, intentions (specifically EH who passed away 1 year ago this month) and ended with quick prayer

Enjoyed leading today and hope the pax enjoyed the workout!


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