Backblast – The Chopper – 10/26/18 – SnowDay Q

PAX: Fergie, Flounder, Hot Wheels, Kilo, McAfee, Meatball, Porkchop, Short Stack (FNG), SnowDay (Q), Tony Malito (Dealer for the People), and Worm.

Weather: Light rain, 50 degrees, and 94% humidity. Wet… everything was wet.

This was a little difficult to plan as you sometimes do not know how many will show when it’s cold and raining. My weinke would have worked for more, but our 11 seemed to work out rather well.

COP: Started by recognizing our FNG (Short Stack). Gave my disclaimer. We then took a little run around the parking lot to get the blood flowing. We then circled up once more for some Side Straddle Hops, Ave Vigodas, and Imperial Walkers. Judging by the look on their faces and my excitement to flip that tire that’s been riding in my truck bed for a few days, I could tell we were ready to work.

Thang 1 & 2

I wanted to be able to give all PAX an opportunity to wrestle with the beast of a tire. So in doing so, we split off in to two groups. This would help eliminate wait time and would allow the other half of the PAX to keep working.

Group 1

Group 1 started at the tire. First PAX would flip the tire while the remaining PAX in the group did 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 Mountain Climbers. When the remaining PAX was complete the HIM with the tire would stop and group would rotate and repeat with another round of Burpees, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers. This continued until all members of the group hand one round with the tire.

Group 2

Group 2 started off with a Farmer’s Carry using large coupons (concrete blocks). Coupons were carried from one end of the lot to the other. Coupons were placed on the ground followed by a sprint back to where the carry started and back to where the coupons were placed. Once back to the coupons, the group would then do 15 Thrusters, 15 Bent Over Rows, and 15 Military Merkins. The group would then repeat with the carry, sprint, thrusters, rows, and merkins until Group 1 had gone through one round.

The groups would then switch and complete as mentioned above. We continued long enough to do two rounds of each… which was plenty.

I then jumped the gun on COT. My count-o-rama was suddenly interrupted (I deserved it) by Kilo who suggested maybe we bang out a minute of LBCs. Following Meatball’s count we did about 190 or so in just under a minute.

COT: We wanted to recognize those affected by the recent fatal shooting at the Kroger at Stony Brook in Jtown. Two innocent people – Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee – lost their lives at the hands of another man out of hate. It was discussed that we need to come together as people and be more accepting within our communities. I believe F3 is just one small example of ways to start.

We also discussed Convergenge at Poshland as well as Food Drive for Wayside Christian.

Hope to see everyone out there.


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