BB 02/13/20 The Extender at the Mutt

The weather this week has been stellar and I am impressed with the Pax that have come out to get better.  Seeing there was a 10% chance of rain I knew it would be a soggy day.  I took a little detour driving home from work to scope out the lesser known dry spots at the Mutt.  Six partner push stations.  It was the perfect plan….until it wasn’t.

Conditions: 37F and wet.  Pax: Glen Ross, Fridge, Escort, Pope, Deuce, PED and Zima-Q.  The Extender is currrently sans flag during this site Q transition so we huddled under the covered walkway next to the building to get started.  A short disclaimer and we were off to find the high and dry grounds of the portico.  Warm-ups included SSH’s, Merkins, Plank Jacks, and a moment where i realized that I didn’t have enough Pax to do a partner push at six stations.  I must have thought it out loud as the Pax quit doing the current exercise in unison even though no halt was given.  Runner’s stretch to kill some time while we came up with a new plan.  Pax would stay together.  It’s fine.  Just keep them dry.  Here we go.

Weinke was six stations at various overhangs, nooks and crannies around the building.  Run like hell in between them except it really wasn’t raining at this point.

Station 1: West corner of building. 20 BB’s, 20 Leg Lifts, 20 Gas Pumps AMRAP for 3 minutes.

Station 2: Main Church/Chapel Entrance Overhang (A new spot).  4×4’s (burpee with 4 merkins and 4 mtn. climbers at the bottom) AMRAP for 3 minutes.

Station 3: Parish Office Entrance.  Wall Sit for 3 minutes.

Station 4: Covered walkway on East Corner of Building.  Broad jumps down.  Lunge walk back.  Repeat six times.

Station 5: East Corner of building.  20 Curls, 20 Rows, 20 OH Press with coupons AMRAP for 3 minutes.

Station 6: Main portico.  50 shoulder taps and 20 Supermans AMRAP for 3 minutes.

With just a little over 10 minutes to go, we did it again cutting everything down to one third and made it to station 5.  Pax returned the coupons and met up under the flagless walkway for Anouncements and COT.  I think we all stayed dry for the most part, minus my feet.  What an awesome group of men to come out any day this week.

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