Backblast-Pelican Q 2.14.20 at The Chopper

Today was cold, how cold you ask? Colder than a well digger’s ass according to the text message my dad (Porky-not a F3 name) sent me at 3:38 this morning. I wasn’t quite sure how cold that was but after going outside I found out it’s really cold.

We got 12 HIMs out to the Chopper this morning and 6 were my County brothers. Great job to everyone getting out on this cold morning. Forgot to ask about the bat, if Vets still has it you can keep it just know we earned it today.

PAX-Lady Bird (R) Backflop, Sweet Tart, Meatball, Tony Malito, Yoshi, Hush Puppy, Dauber, Meatball, Le Pew, Meter Maid, Pelican

Did the disclaimer and we started by a doing a couple laps around to warm up. Then for COP we did–

Grass Grabbers-10 IC

Copper Head Squats 10 IC

Toy Soldiers 10 IC

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newmans OYO

Downward dog and stuff

We moseyed over to the big parking lot to grab coupons and get ready for Thang 1.

Last month at the County we celebrated my sweet sixteen, after we finished it was decided it was 16 minutes of suck. Anyways we ran that back today. Each minute you strive for 16 reps, alternating between broad jumps and thrusters. If you finish early you get to rest. At the end of the 16 minutes if you hit all your reps you hit 128 reps of each exercise. Both the length of the rest and distance of the jumps got shorter as we went. The wide variety of music on my playlist made the 16 minutes fly. Shoutout to Meatball for his taste in football teams. Dauber glad we taught you some new songs and expanded your horizons.

We had some time left so we did Thang 2. Partner up and one partner sprinted to the end of the parking lot and moseyed back while the other did coupon work. The coupon exercises were below-


Shoulder press

Skull crushers

Then all those together, I’m sure it has a name but if not I’ll come up with one.

We made it thru about a round and a half before we had to head back for Mary.

We got back in time to do three things–

LBCs 20x IC

Heartbreakers 10xIC–heartbreakers are like box cutters but instead of making a box with your legs you make a heart and then break it. I made these up, I’m sure someone has done these before but I haven’t so I’m proud of myself.

Pickle Pounders-15x IC and we all finished right on time, which I hope everyone does later as well

We did announcements (monthly ruck tomorrow, Dauber Q at the Nest Saturday, and running before it at 5:45). Intentions (Tony’s niece and family) and closed with an Our Father.

The love was felt this morning and I shared that I love the PAX and this group. Be sure to take care of your M today and everyday. HUGE shout to Hush Puppy for circling back and grabbing my speaker for me. Lastly- I love this IHC challenge, I’ve visited some other sites but haven’t thought much about Qing them until now. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and help me improve myself.

See ya around soon,


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