08/22/19 BB The Extender

3:05 am Thursday morning.  First kid comes moseying into my bed.  3:08 am, here comes the other on.  Mother nature was putting on quite a show that night.  I think Glen Ross put it best, “It was as if someone had parked a school bus with the bright flashing light right outside our window.”  Now I was up and remembered that I’d forgotten to post the PB.  Better late than never I guess and honestly, I still wasn’t entirely sure what we were going to do.  Radar did not look good so I started looking for options under the portico.  Then, around 4:45 am, I checked the radar again and there was an opening.  Literally a break from around 5:15 through 7.  We’d even have time to make our EC run beforehand.  I pulled in the lot around 5:10 and Deuce was right behind me.  Glenn Ross pulled in a minute later.  Now, just missing the guys who posted the EC in the first place.  They must’ve been looking at a different radar.

The three of us took off and the conversation immediately turned to the weather as if we were thirty years older sitting at the lunch counter.  A drizzle started and as we turned out of the parking lot onto Cherrywood heading to Ormand, someone pointed out that we would be under cover from the tree canopy as soon as we go to Ormand.  About that time, lightning struck no more than 100 yards in front of us on Ormand and EC was over.  Can’t remember the last time I ran that fast to get somewhere.  Radar review would later show there was indeed a small red patch moving through St. Matthews from 5:15-5:25. That must have been the one Digorno was watching.

Good news though, the weather actually did move out just before 5:30 and surprisingly there were eight Pax standing in front of me ready to roll.  Pax included Glen Ross, Deuce, Blueprint, Fridge, Wham-O, Snowman, Tiger, Old Bay.

Laying awake for an hour and half gave me plenty of time to make a plan.  And thankfully, we would not have to Tabata under the portico for 40 minutes.  I sent the pax to grab some coupons and circle up in the parking lot.  We actually had a lot to get done.  Warm up was light: stretching arms and legs, a few SSH’s for some cardio, and then some light coupon sets; 10 OH presses, 10 rows & 10 curls.  Rinse and repeat three times.

Now, onto thang 1, which wound up taking the entire time.  Pax placed their coupons about 15 yards out from the curb at the building and then lined up under the portico.  Here’s what we did:

Alligator Crawl/Dragon Walk (think Spiderman push-up, but crawling forward) out to coupon.  Pick up coupon and do twisting lunge walk the rest of the way across the parking lot to other curb.  Perform 20 dips and then perform twisting lunge walk back to coupon drop point.  Alligator crawl back to curb.   Mosey to coupon garden and perform 40 step-ups (20 per leg) on wall.  Mosey around prayer path to playground and perform 10 pull-ups and 10 hanging leg raises.  Now mosey around front of building back to portico.

I was hoping to repeat this three or four times, but after two laps we were out of time.  We circled up and definitely had intentions about staying safe from lightning.  Had a great story to tell everyone I saw that day and felt great about the privilege to help lead and be a part of this group.

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