BB – The Extender 3.28.2019

As always, I was excited to get out to the Mutt.  My goal was to keep it simple today, things have been a little hectic lately and I didn’t want to think harder than I had to.

Weather: Around 40 or so, which was perfect.

Q – Deuce

PAX(10): Fridge, Sump Pump, Zima, Backdraft, Wham-O (R), Buschhhh, PED, Mary Poppins, Larry Flynt, Deuce.

Disclaimer given, mosey around the walking path to the coupon garden.  Everyone grab a coupon and head up to the big parking lot near the portico for COP.


20 Copperhead Squats IC

15 grass grabbers IC

Leave coupons in the lot and mosey over to the stop sign at Cherrywood and Leland.

Thing 1

Triple nickel.  5 burpees at the top of the hill, run down to the bottom of the hill where Maryhill Estates neighborhood starts, 5 burpees at the bottom and then run back to the top of the hill where we started.  Repeat for 5 total.

Mosey back to the parking lot where the coupons were.  We had 10 PAX, which was perfect so partner up.

Thing 2

P1 Bernie sanders to the other side of the lot, do 5 Bobby Hurleys and then Bernie sanders back.  While that was going on, P2 doing coupon curls and then switch when P1 returned.  Repeat until done with total numbers of exercises:

200 curls total

200 merkins total

200 LBC total

After that, everyone grab the coupon and head back to the garden, but lunge walk across the parking lot until we got to the front of the multi purpose building.  Stop and do 10 perkins on your coupon.

Return coupons and circle up for Mary

Mary Webb – typical 1:4 ratio with Big Bois and Freddie Mercuries

Only a couple minutes left, so we started around the circle with a PAX call it.

Rosalitas 15 IC

10 merkins

Gas pumps 15 IC

Box cutters 10 IC

As always the mumblechatter was excellent today as everyone was in good spirits looking forward to some time off.  I always love hearing about others spring break plans and the PAX’s kids’ excitement with where they are going.

Time was called and back to the flag.


Announcements – Sump Pump is looking for a co-Q at the Hurt on Saturday if anyone is going to be around.

Prayers for all those on the mend and for safe travels to everyone wherever their travels may take them.


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