3/28 Backblast The O #templeofgloom

Couldn’t make it a week before returning to my beloved Temple of Gloom.  Who Dey was going to take the Q but looked at his schedule and couldn’t commit so I figured I’d take the Q.

Weather – clear, crisp perfect 42 degrees

Q – OJ

PAX: PK, Violet, Loco, Shiplap, Vincent (R), Trump, Tammy Faye Baker, Pork Chop, Joanna Gaines, Viking, Flo Jo, Plumb Bob, Kilo, Chapo (DR)

I decided to rerun my Q from two weeks ago since there were only 4 of us and it was in the rain.  I liked this one and knew I’d want to use it again.  

Mosey to the tennis courts – COP

15 Grass Grabbers IC

15 Abe Vigotas IC



10 SSHs IC


15 SSHs IC


20 SSHs IC


25 SSHs IC

10 BOYOs

Now everyone was good and warmed up.

Native American run down Circle hill and back around to Homestead all the way to Christian Academy. This was run prisoner style with a snaking formation.

Thang 1 – Partners

P1 Wall sit

P2 30 Step Ups/switch up

P1 Wall sit with arms extended overhead

P2 30 Rockette Dips/switch up

P1 Wall sit + air presses

P2 Runs to the fence line for 30 derkins (10 at each rung)


Mosey back to the tennis courts

Thang 2 – I advised the PAX to partner up with someone of equal or lesser value

The Vacuum Cleaner

P1 Wheelbarrows from the baseline to the end of court 1 for 10 Derkins and Wheelbarrows backwards to the baseline/switch up

We ran this for 3 sets

Partner Carries (Yoda or Fireman carry) – all the way to the end of the 4th court and switch up to come back.  Really proud of the PAX here.  Everyone was pushing through.  Flo Jo nearly beat me carrying his partner down the court.  I did not have a partner because 93% of my Q’s have an odd number of PAX.

Partners then did 25 leg throw downs and switched up + 25 Ace and Gary’s and switched up

Abs burning = good let’s do some Mary

20 Box Cutters IC

25 Gas Pumps IC (Kilo thought I was going to do 20 of everything 😊)

20 Pickle Pounders IC

20 Single Leg Flutters IC (10 ea. leg)

20 American Hammers IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC


**Angels in Disguise cause for the Star Course – please consider donating if you financially can.  It’s a great cause.

** Convergence 4/20 – 🥴 + pre-ruck

**Friday Bible Study – 0600 at Panera on Dutchmans

Talked about the importance of the mental health awareness that was created yesterday and some other pretty serious intentions were given.  I closed us out in prayer thanking the good Lord above for such an amazing group of men.





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