11/29/19 Pleasantville Backblast

PAX: Abacus, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Plumb Bob(Q)

Weather: Mid 40s, partly cloudy, light wind

Pleasantville is probably my favorite place to Q. With the amphitheater, stage, plenty of trails, and a place for pull ups, the possibilities are endless.  When trying to figure out my wenkie I found that I had more things I wanted to do and take advantage of than time would allow.  Volunteering to Q on Black Friday at 0530 also posed a bit of a challenge when creating the wenkie.  How many people would actually show up that early on a day that many people had off from work?  Flexibility was going to be important. I was glad when 3 other HIMs showed up to get better.

At 0530 I started with normal pleasantries and we mosied over to NC Elementary School.

COP: 50 SSH (IC), 20 imperial walkers (IC), 20 grass grabbers (IC), arm circles, downward dog and calf stretches, 50 SSH (IC)

THANG 1: We partnered up and each partner took turns doing 15 leg throws each and then went to the pull-up bars for 15 pull ups apiece.  REPEAT

THANG 2: On the amphitheater stage we circled up for three different time bombs.

  • Merkin time bomb, holding plank while waiting
  • Big boy sit-up time bomb, holding feet about 6″ in air while waiting
  • Squat time bomb, hold Al Gore while waiting

THANG 3: 11s-Started with a single merkin at the bottom of the amphitheater and 10 Bobby Hurley’s at the top of the steps.  Worked our way to 1 merkin-10 Hurleys

THANG 4: We had about 3 minutes left so we circled on the stage, the PAX each chose an exercise to close us out. (I don’t remember what they all were but I know they were good ones!)

It was another great time at Pleasantville.  Although the numbers were a bit small due to Black Friday those that showed up had a great time and got better.

~Plumb Bob~


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