BB – 3/11/22 – Wisteria at Pleasantville – Meter Maid Q

YHC continued his tour of the AOs with this mornings visit to Pleasantville. If you haven’t been out recently, I would encourage you to come out.

There were no potted plants today but 5 PAX came out. It seemed like the County meets Pleasantville with Viking (full beard-is there any other way?), Backflop (fast even when injured), Valdez (sporting a new van), Pelican (chattering and glad Backflop didn’t Q) and Meter Maid (Q).

Everyone arrived early. No late arrivers like you would see at Abyss with Flip Flop or any given Mutt workout. I gave a disclaimer and we moseyed to the amphitheater for COP.

We started off with 5 nuclears, did some strict runners stretch and then dropped into cobra. Next we completed 5 inchworm merkins OYO. Concluded with some arm circles and Michael Phelps before beginning the regular workout.

Reading Bacon’s recent Q around NFL, I decided to start with Bears and Goff. It was bear crawl up the amphitheater (I heard there was a lot of this week) and did 5 dips on each level coming down (Goff is the QB for the lowly Lions). Then, we did 5 incline merkins on our way back up before beginning our run heavy portion.

We moseyed to another area and did 20 merkins, 20 big boys, and 20 squats between each lap. After a couple of laps, we moseyed around the park loop twice. Figuring that Pelican may start chattering, I ran down another road before running back to the amphitheater. With under two minutes remaining, we stretched, did some hip openers and concluded in child’s pose.

Above shows the 2.4+ miles we covered. Is it a duck head?

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, the March ruck “The Amazing Race” is 3/26 starting from Vets at 8pm. Convergence is 4/23 at the O. For intentions, we mentioned Ukraine and lifted up our unsaid intentions. YHC closed it out with a prayer.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

As a shameless plug, YHC has the 3/14 South Posh Q (aka PI day) and the Patriot Q on 3/21.

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