3.11.2022 – Baptizer @ The Garden – Captain Crunchberry Q

The weather this morning was hovering around freezing. There wasn’t any frost on my window to deal with, but I passed multiple cars along the way to suggest I should have.

Nine PAX total got put into the starting line up. O’Neil, Jolly Rancher, Diane Dukes, Jewel, Jimmy Neutron, Harry Caray, Brown Water, Bob Ross, and myself all put in the work, and paid tribute to Nolan Richardson.

The one and only THANG was from the Exicon, called The Nolan Richardson. Which is a Dora style partner work. Partner one doing the work, while partner 2 back pedaled up the hill approximately 50 yards and performed 1 Bobby Hurey, and then mosey back. Flapjack, rinse and repeat until the total rep count was completed.

The list consisted of 150 Burpee, 300 squats, 150 BBSU, 300 Arm Circles, 150 Merkins, 300 Imperial Walkers.

I called an audible and cut the burpees to 100, with the option to finish them up if time allowed.

We wrapped and moseyed back to the flag for a plank until time was called.

Announcements: Monthly Ruck 3.26, Free to Bleed 3.27, Convergence @ The O 4.23.

Intentions and closing: I closed out thanking the group present. I expressed how F3 is a great. There is always someone to lean on when you need it. This story I read about Nolan Richardson sums it up. You never know when you are going to be put in the game, when you need to be the helper, the one your people need to be the leader.


If nothing else, it is a cool basketball story as we approach March Madness.

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